When it comes to male sexuality, the market has dozens of options to choose from. Men who are dissatisfied with their sexual performance can choose from a variety of solutions to their problems, ranging from taking pills (everyone knows the magic blue pill) to having penile surgery. However, most of these methods have significant drawbacks. Pills only provide a temporary effect, penis shots and surgery are unpleasant and unacceptable for many men, and penis pumps are inconvenient and often yield no desired result. Fortunately, there is a more or less safe and sure way to increase the penis size and even deal with mild impotence: penis extenders. Vimax Extender is one of the most popular and affordable penis traction devices on the market. Is it any good? Keep reading to find out.


First Impressions

Vimax Extender comes in a fairly simplistic carton box. Most likely, you wouldn’t even be able to guess what’s inside the box just by looking at it, although the print on the lid would probably lead you in the right direction. However, you don’t need to worry about your privacy anyways because Vimax Extender is shipped in pretty discrete packages which show nothing except the usual delivery information, such as your name, address, some codes, etc.

Inside the box, you’ll find the device itself along with the penis extender instructions for proper usage. The extender consists of two plastic rings and adjustable bars. All materials are of high quality and won’t cause any allergies or injuries (provided that the device is used correctly).


Vimax Extender can grant you up to 3 inches increase in penis length, but it definitely won’t happen overnight. Unlike most other methods which provide an almost instant, but temporary result, Vimax Extender should be used for quite a long time on a regular basis to observe gradual but steady and long-lasting progress. Generally, you should wear Vimax Extender during 8-10 hours every day for up to 6 months. The device is quite flexible due to hinges at its base, so you should be able to sit and walk without any problems while using Vimax Extender. Nevertheless, it is advisable that you refrain from any demanding physical activities while wearing the extender to avoid any potential damage to the penis. The device is quite comfortable and it won’t be noticeable as long as you don’t wear tight pants.

Vimax Extender works by applying traction to the penis, so that the tissues are forced to stretch. When they can’t stretch any more, they break and the body activates new cell production where the tissue “gaps” occur. These cells fill in the space where the tissues broke, creating new tissue and thus increasing the penis size. This way, Vimax Extender can also help men who have curved penises, even if the curvature is quite severe (such as in Peyronie’s disease patients). The extender straightens out the penis, forcing the tissues to grow and reduce the curvature. If you intend to use VImax Extender to straighten curved penis, it is advisable that you first consult a medical practitioner about that.

In Use

Thanks to the detailed instructions from the manufacturer, putting Vimax Extender on is an easy task even if you’re doing it for the first time. Once you have fixed both rings in their respective places on the penis, you can proceed to adjusting the bars. The user manual will give you detailed information about the amount of pressure you have to apply to the penis depending on your goals, your current penis size and the amount of time that you intend to be using Vimax Extender. It is important to remember that Vimax Extender gives you permanent result, but for that, you have to be patient. Do not try to apply too much pressure in the first week or month of wearing the device because you risk causing serious damage to the tissues.

The extender works by applying traction to the penis as if it was pulled down by a weight. In the first month of wearing Vimax Extender you should stick to minimal traction, which is equivalent to 500-600g. Then, if you continue to use the device for a prolonged period of time, you can increase the traction by the equivalent of 200g every month. This scheme is  safe for the penis and should be able to yield you great results after several months of use.


If you don’t want to wait that long, you can try to speed up the process by doing special exercises for penile enlargement. They are perfectly compatible with the Vimax Extender, and if you combine these methods, you should be able to see an improvement in your penis width and length after only about a month. What’s more, together these techniques can improve the blood flow to the penis, so that an erection becomes more firm, as well as easier to develop and maintain. If you become discouraged by the slow progress, remember that the Vimax Extender results are permanent, so by using the extender (and maybe doing the exercises) you contribute to your sexual health for years and years to come, which is a great investment.

Even though Vimax Extender is generally safe to use for any man, there is a number of situations in which you’d better not be wearing the device. They are as following:

  • Playing a sport, jogging or working out
  • Walking up and down the stairs a lot
  • Walking on a slippery or rough road
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Working in hot conditions or using hot objects (cooking, ironing, etc.)
  • Riding a bicycle
  • Operating heavy machinery (including a car)

It is a good idea to refrain from wearing Vimax Extender if you know you’re about to participate in an activity that might cause you stress or any kind of discomfort. Also, do not start using Vimax Extender before consulting your healthcare provider if you have medical conditions which lead to problems with blood circulation and/or tissue regeneration. In such circumstances, applying Vimax Extender can lead to permanent damage to the penis. If you suffer from a skin infection, injury, bruising or swelling in your genital area, it is advisable to put off using Vimax Extender until the issue is gone.

It is crucial that you inspect your penis during each daily use of Vimax Extender. If you notice that it is becoming blue, swollen or discolored, you should stop using Vimax Extender immediately to avoid causing permanent damage to the organ. If you decide you want to proceed using the extender, you should only put it on again after the symptoms have disappeared, and apply less traction. The same is true if you feel any pain or discomfort while or after wearing Vimax Extender. Seeing the Vimax Extender before and after photos might make you feel like it’s worth tolerating some pain or inconvenience, but the device was not meant to cause any discomfort, so you’re probably doing something wrong if it does. If you can’t figure out what the problem is on your own, you can always write an e-mail to the manufacturer or ask a question on one of the dedicated online forums. The manufacturer also encourages you to ask anything you want to know about Vimax Extender even before you buy the device, so that you can make a well-informed decision regarding your potential purchase. Alternatively, you could take this issue to your medical practitioner and get some professional advice.

Clean-Up and Maintenance

Vimax Extender is made of high-quality hypoallergenic materials, so you can expect it to last for a while. You can easily clean up the rings after each use by washing them in warm, soapy water. After rinsing the rings in clean water you can leave them to dry off, and after that, you’re good to go again. The same can be done with the metal bars. If you want to make sure that your Vimax Extender is particularly clean and hygienic, you can use chlorhexidine alcohol solution to disinfect the device.



  • High-quality affordable device
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Causes minimum to no discomfort
  • Can be worn under loose pants
  • Yields permanent results
  • Helps address penis curvature as well as increase penis girth and size


  • The device should be used continuously for at least several months to get noticeable progress
  • The final results may not be on par with some more expensive devices


For the price of a little less than $100, this device delivers a solid performance (google Vimax Extender reviews and see it for yourself if you’re still skeptical about it). In addition, the manufacturer gives every buyer a 180-day money-back guarantee, which is great for such an inexpensive device. This way, if you buy penis extender and are dissatisfied with it, you can simply ask the manufacturer for a full refund. All in all, Vimax Extender is a great device if you want to try using a penis extender but don’t want to invest a lot of money into it.