Most of the penis extenders available on the market today are made with rigid metal rods. This design has been so popular that it hasn’t changed over the years. However, many users agree that these extenders are far from being perfect and there are a couple of things that need to be improved, especially comfort and practicality. These two problems were targeted by a company from Germany that has created an extender with an original design, Phallosan.


About Phallosan Forte Extender

The Phallosan extender is one of the best male organ enlargement devices designed by a German company. The device enlarges the length of the penis using a traction force.

This is the only male organ enlargement device that has FDA approval online. The tool can not only enlarge the size of the genital organ but also fix the curvature of a penis, known as a Peyronie’s disease. In addition, it has proved to make erections harder.

The device helps make the size of your penis longer in an absolutely pain-free way, providing a permanent result. According to the information on the official website, the extender is one of the most effective on the market today providing faster and better results than any other genital organ enlargement tool.


How Does It Work?

The old way of fixing the penis with metal rods is now in the past. Phallosan Forte uses the new system that affixes your organ in a more comfortable way applying suction rather than nooses and plastic straps. Then the tension is applied. The strap is clinging to the plastic bell, which secures the head of the penis, is placed around the waist area.

In order to get better results, the extender needs to be worn for as long as 8 hours a day. Even though many men don’t mind a little discomfort when trying to get their genital organ bigger, most of the extenders can’t be worn even for several hours. Phallosan Forte circumvents the problem by applying a plastic cap that allows gentle stretching of the penis, creating the necessary distension without restricting the circulation of blood.


It takes time to enlarge your penis so you can expect the best results if you are really diligent about wearing the device for as many hours as it is instructed. The metal rod on traditional penis enlargement devices creates another problem – its rigidity doesn’t allow wearing the extender while sleeping or during the day when it can’t be concealed under the clothes. Thus, it is difficult for men to find enough time to wear the device during day hours.

The Phallosan extender solves this problem as well because it is not noticeable beneath your clothes so you can wear it not only at home. Another great advantage of the Phallosan extender is that unlike traditional enlargement devices it can be worn while you sleep, which gives you additional hours of use. If you sleep 8 hours every night, your daily traction time quota will have been almost met by the time you get up.

The manufacturer provides actual evidence proving the effectiveness of results. Phallosan forte results not only prove a significant augment of the penis size but are also supported by well-respected doctors.

The Phallosan extender uses a traction force to pull the genital organ without any uncomfortable feelings, which results in the bigger size of the male organ.


Steps of How to Use the Extender

  1. Measure the middle of your penis with the template that comes with the device.
  2. Choose the condom sleeve and the proper bell for your penis size you just have measured.
  3. Apply gentle power on external sleeve condom, forming a protective coat and preventing sleeve condom from being ripped.
  4. Roll the sleeve on the bell.
  5. Then put a protector cap. With both of your thumb fingers pull it apart as it is shown in the instructions. Insert your penis into the cap.
  6. Roll back the sleeve over the cap, and then you can start extending your penis.
  7. With the suction cap create a vacuum. In the beginning, use gentle force because you need your organ to adapt to the device.
  8. Fix the suction bell with the belt and coil it around the waist of the penis.
  9. After that, you’re supposed to feel the pulling force created by the extender.

This is the only extender that can be worn anywhere and at any time. You can do your work while your penis is getting bigger. In addition, you can wear the device while you’re asleep.

The condom sleeves that come in a kit together with the device are made of a material resistant to heat and tearing. In addition, the manufacturer has added extra condoms to every kit.

Phallosan Forte Before and After Results

Traction is the technique that has existed for a long time and the one that doctors use to make the extremities of patients longer if they suffer from abnormalities. The goal of the technique is to apply resistance to a certain area trying to invoke Cytokinesis, a biological process when the number of cells is increased through cell division. The newly formed cells then create the additional tissue that ultimately enlarges the penis.

Many various tribes around the world have been using this technique for many centuries trying to stretch different parts of their body. For example, women in African tribes have used metal rings to make their lips and necks bigger. Phallosan Forte does the same for the penis only in a much safer way.


Fixing the Penis Curvature Problem

About 5% of men have a penis curvature problem, a condition when the penis is excessively curved. In severe cases, the curvatures can have a 90-degree angle and can be fixed only with surgery. In one such case, a doctor recommended a patient to give a Phallosan extender a try.

The result was impressive. There was a significant curvature reduction, a 90-degree angle reduced to 30 degrees in half a year. Most cases are not so severe, and more than 600 men have used the extender to fix this problem effectively.

Clinical Studies

There are many penis enlargement tools on the market today. Unfortunately, not all of them have an impeccable quality. It can be pretty difficult to find even a few reliable devices. You need to have reasonable expectations as for the results you can expect from using the extender. We’ve all seen ads that promise to add a few inches in less than a month. These promises are absolutely dishonest, and the companies that give them only want to prey on people’s finances.

If you stay away from the products that make those promises, you will be able to discard bad products and not waste your time. You will still need to research your choices, but at least the number will be more manageable. You should pay attention to products that are endorsed by doctors and have been positively tested. Phallosan Forte clinical results meet all these criteria.

Clinical results have shown that after 6 months of using the extender:

  • The average erect length increases by 0.75 inches.
  • The average erect width increases by 0.3 inches.
  • The average flaccid length increases by 0.6 inches.

The test subjects wore the extender only 6 hours a day, 5 times per week. This shows that you can make the size of your organ bigger much faster because it is very comfortable to wear Phallosan Forte twice as long without experiencing any unpleasant feelings.


Phallosan Forte versus Other Extenders

The main advantage of Phallosan Forte over other extenders is comfort. When talking about penis enlargement devices, comfort aspect cannot be exaggerated. In order to reach great results, you have to wear them for many hours, which is not possible when using traditional extenders that have silicone belts and nooses to fix your penis. These elements restrain your penis preventing blood circulation and causing discomfort. Thus, it is difficult to wear them for longer periods of time without taking a break.

Phallosan, however, uses a different approach that secures your penis by using vacuum pressure. The comfort of this method allows wearing the extender for a longer time. With the Phallosan device, you can reach your daily usage quota easier and get better results much faster.

The two main advantages of Phallosan Forte over other extenders are the fact that you can wear it while sleeping and wear it under clothes outside of home because it will be absolutely unnoticeable. The comfort degree provided by the Phallosan device and the possibility of being able to apply it when sleeping makes this tool more preferable than others.