Penis size is a very important issue for many men, and most of them would be ready to do anything to gain a few inches. The industry is always ready to provide new solutions for men willing to enjoy a little increase in their penis size, but not all of them are effective. Penis pumps are a popular device often used to add some length and girth to the male sex organ, and Penomet is a great option regardless of whether you have used penis pumps before or are just willing to try them.


First Impressions

When I decided I wanted to try a technique to enlarge my penis, I wasn’t sure whether I should go for pills or penis pumps. After some Internet research, I concluded that I’d be better off with a pump because it’s really safe and hardly unlikely to do any damage. Seeing a couple of the before and after penis pump photos was the last straw, and so I ended up choosing the Penomet penis pump based on a lot of positive reviews.

I ordered the pump straight from the manufacturer’s website, and I got it after just a couple days of waiting. The product came in a discreet box which doesn’t provide any clues as to what’s inside it, so you don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors or anyone else who might steal a glance at your parcel.


Penomet is a water pump, which means that it is a little trickier to use than a more “conventional” air pump, but it also delivers better results. While air pumps just apply force to the penis to stretch it, Penomet uses water to distribute the pressure evenly and ensure that your penis grows not only in length but also in girth. Penomet has a system of gaiters to let you choose the amount of pressure applied to the penis so that you can increase it slowly and give the organ some time to adjust itself to the experience. It is crucial that you don’t start with a gaiter that applies too much tension to your penis, because that could result in various unpleasant sensations, such as water retention, blisters, pain, and maybe even permanent damage. Beginners should go for purple (Force 60), blue (Force 65) or black (Force 70) gaiters because they are suitable for introducing the application of pressure. You can then go on to increase the pressure by using the gray (Force 75) or red (Force 80) gaiters.

Penomet comes in three packages, which all contain the device itself with various assortments of accessories. The basic Penomet Standard Package only contains the Force 70 gaiter, while the Extra edition grants you Force 60 and Force 65 gaiters, too. Finally, with the Penomet Premium package, you’re getting all five gaiters, plus a comfort strap so that you can use the Penomet pump in the shower. I decided that as a beginner I could do without “advanced” gaiters and a strap, so I ordered the Extra edition, which seemed to contain everything I needed and saved me $100 compared to the Premium package. If Penomet isn’t your first penis pump, you might want to buy the fullest package so that you’re not limited to the “intermediate level” gaiters.


In Use

The first time I tried to put the Penomet pump on, I couldn’t get it to stick to the skin and create a tight seal needed for the vacuum. I googled it and found that I wasn’t the only one to experience that, and the solution is fairly simple: just shave the hair off that area. Once I had done, it all went a lot easier and faster, and I was able to get it to seal perfectly in no time.

I was quite concerned about penis pump safety, so I decided to use the lowest tension gaiter (the purple Force 60 one). I wasn’t able to avoid splashing the water all over the floor then, and I still do it almost every time I use Penomet, so it is a good idea to get a towel to absorb the water. You have to pump the water out for 4-5 times in the first five minutes of wearing Penomet, and then you can just let it do its job for another 10-15 minutes. The sensations are a bit weird, especially in the first couple of “sessions,” but nothing unpleasant or painful. First time I used Penomet, I realized that it was quite boring just to hold the tube and stare at my penis, even if 20 minutes might not seem like much. Next time I used the pump, I had my tablet to watch or read something on it, and it really helped me get distracted and pass the time.

When the time came to remove the pump, I did it quite eagerly because I wanted to see the results so much. I was blown away by the size of my penis; it has increased a lot in length, and quite noticeably in girth. Then I knew that all those Penomet before and after photos were true, and I could achieve the same, so it motivated me to go on. Since then, I have used the pump for about 20 minutes a day (15 if I’m in a hurry or really tired), and it’s been two months. By now, I have noticed that my penis has gained about half an inch in length, and a little more than that in girth. This may not seem like much, but I’m intending to keep using the device so that I can enjoy further progress. It has also helped me to develop firmer and longer-lasting erections, so “how long to use penis pump” is no longer a question for me.


Clean-Up and Maintenance

Penomet is made of high-quality materials, so it is safe to use, and it will last you quite long if you’re careful with it. All you have to do to maintain it in a good and usable condition is remove the gaiter and wash both it and the tube in warm soapy water after every use, and you’re good to go for the next day.



  • Effective penis pump
  • Visible improvement after first use
  • Permanent improvement after several weeks of use
  • A multitude of gaiters to choose from
  • Grants an increase in not only length but also girth



  • The Standard Package might be a little too basic for the price, and most users will end up buying the more expensive options just to have the necessary minimum



I am going to conclude this Penomet review by recommending this product to any guy who wants to benefit from a bigger penis at no expense to his health. Penomet is safe, relatively inexpensive, and it really works. It would be particularly good for men with thin penises, because the increase in girth is impressive, and it could really make a world of difference for those who are dissatisfied with their current size to the point of embarrassment. So go on and try the Penomet magic for yourself – just remember to make it a routine and you’ll enjoy the results very soon!