It’s not a secret that a lot of men are concerned with the size of their penises and are willing to try different methods to increase their length. Some of the products that claim to increase the size of the penis seem extremely suspicious while others even dangerous. At the same time, there are some reliable companies that are constantly working on developing new devices that can help men extend their penises in a safe and comfortable way. In this review, I will tell you about my experience using PeniMaster PRO, which is quite a popular German extender that is praised by men from all over the world. If it’s something you are interested in, continue reading.


First Impression

I have already tried several penis extenders from different companies and I had quite mixed feelings about some of them, mainly because of their design that wasn’t comfortable enough for me to wear for a long time. After reading PeniMaster PRO reviews I decided to give this one a try as it looks like a reliable and thought-through device.

I have received the ordered PeniMaster PRO in a discreet packaging, which is something I truly appreciate as I don’t want to deal with the awkwardness of someone finding out which product I purchased.

When it comes to the storage of PeniMaster PRO, the developers have definitely put a lot of thought into creating a perfect box for keeping the device when you don’t use it. The penis extender and all the accessories that are needed for it to work come in a plastic box with a handle that ensures that you can store it conveniently and everything stays hygienic. All elements of the extender system have their spots and they fit them quite tightly so when you open the box they don’t fall out. The parts of the extender that you receive include:

  • Pulling force rods
  • Belt
  • Ball pump
  • Diaphragms
  • Sluices in different sizes
  • Hose
  • Cream
  • DVD

As you can see, you definitely get a lot for the amount of money you pay. What I also noticed about the design of this PeniMaster PRO system is the use of different colors for different parts. For example, all the parts of the extender that are intended to be worn are white while additional elements are green or colorful (to distinguish the sizes). While it’s not something extraordinary, it shows a responsible and thoughtful approach to the product.

Overall, I was very pleased with the entire presentation of this penis extender and I can definitely tell that the company takes its product seriously, as it was made as convenient for the clients to use as possible. I definitely appreciate the video instructions as I could immediately see what I needed to do. When it comes to using something on your penis, you definitely want to be confident that you are doing everything correctly.


How Does PeniMaster PRO Work?

All penis extenders available on the market have the same goal, which is to increase the length of the man’s penis so it’s not surprising that they are built in a similar way. PeniMaster PRO enhances the length of the penis by providing consistent outward tension on the penis with the help of its system.

When it comes to using this device, you shouldn’t have any problems if you carefully follow the instructions. Once you decide to wear it, your first step is to take a green ball pump that comes with the extender, squeeze it, and then attach to the so-called glans chamber. You have to make sure that the pump remains squeezed when you connect it to the chamber. By doing this, you ensure that when you put the head of the penis inside, it will be attached as tightly as possible with the help of the vacuum suction. Thanks to this system, your penis won’t slip out of the chamber when you attach the extension rod and wear it for several hours while walking around. To make sure that your penis can be inserted easier, you should use the cream that comes with your PeniMaster PRO extender, so getting it in won’t be an issue.


Another option that you have is using the hose. It has to be attached to the glans chamber instead of the ball pump, and you should suck in the air through the hose to create the vacuum. The hose is more compact in comparison to the pump, which is why this alternative is more suitable for traveling. It’s up to you which method to choose as both of them work just fine.

Once you have inserted the head of your penis inside the chamber, you have two choices of what to do next. The first option is to attach the extender rods to the chamber and choose a suitable level of extension for you so that you can feel the stretch but it’s not painful. A lot of men prefer this method of extending the penis but it all depends on your personal preferences. Another thing you can do is use the belt that should be attached to the chamber on one end and then you can swing the other end around your waist or thigh to achieve the pulling action.

What I find amazing about PeniMaster PRO is the use of the vacuum to ensure that the chamber stays on your penis. The majority of extenders out there use straps that have to be tied around the penis but the problem with such systems is that they are less comfortable and also restrict the blood flow. Another thing that is great about PeniMaster PRO is that developers avoided the use of sponges. While they may seem nice and soft and make it more comfortable to wear a strap around the penis glans, they are also highly effective at accumulating bacteria. Thanks to the use of latex in the glans chamber, you are able to have a much more safe and hygienic experience, which is extremely important.

As you can see, the process of assembling this device is not difficult so once you repeat it several times, you will be able to do it in just a couple of minutes. Because the extender has to be worn for several hours a day to achieve the best PeniMaster PRO results, it is possible to wear it under your clothes without anyone noticing.


PeniMaster PRO in Use

Now, let’s move on to my experience using the PeniMaster Pro. What is also great about this system is that it comes with a DVD using which you will be able to quickly learn the right way to approach your penis extender. Figuring out how everything works without it may seem slightly confusing, which is why I definitely recommend watching a video when you’re just learning. All the instructions are extremely clear and detailed so you will be able to use your new purchase in no time. The only minor difficulty I experienced while assembling the penis extender for the first time was attaching the latex diaphragm and sluice to the system, but it was not a big deal.

After several days of alternating between using the ball pump and the hose, I can definitely say that I prefer the pump. All you should do is squeeze the pump tightly, which is as easy as it gets, while using the hose takes more effort, at least in my opinion. At the same time, I will definitely take the hose with me while traveling because it will simply occupy less space.

I can definitely say that PeniMaster PRO is the most comfortable extender I have tried and I really liked that it doesn’t use a strap to attach a device to the glans, which is what I found quite uncomfortable while using other penis enhancers. Before inserting my penis into the chamber I always applied some cream on the entrance, which made inserting it extremely easy and even quite pleasurable.

Another thing that was different for me compared to other devices that I used was the fact that I had to point my penis upward so that it’s not noticeable when wearing PeniMaster under my pants. Some other extenders were designed to be pointed downward, so this was a very different experience. I actually really liked this approach as it seemed perfectly comfortable and looking in the mirror I couldn’t notice my PeniMaster at all. I even asked my girlfriend if she could see any difference when I was wearing it and she couldn’t so I felt very confident wearing it among other people.

My experience using PeniMaster PRO was definitely quite pleasant and I didn’t experience any major issues while assembling it and then wearing every day.


My PeniMaster PRO Results

Before writing this PeniMaster PRO review, I decided to try this device for about 3 months so that I could tell you not only whether this device is comfortable and easy-to-use but also about the results that I got from it. First of all, I have to mention that I have been using the penis extender every day for approximately 5 hours. By this, I mean that sometimes I would wear it for an hour and take it off for 15 minutes. Other times, I may wear it for an hour and then rest without it for about 30 minutes. After about a week or two I was able to develop a system that works for me and doesn’t affect my ability to live my life in a normal way. It definitely takes some time to figure out what works for you as everyone has different schedules. Luckily, I could easily wear this extender under my pants, which means that going outside was not an issue.

As a result of this 3-month experiment, I was able to gain about an inch in length, which is definitely quite amazing and something I was not able to achieve using other devices. To be completely fair, I was simply not feeling comfortable enough to wear other penis extenders for such a long time. Because I felt at ease while wearing this particular device I was able to stay patient and actually spend the amount of time that was needed to get the results.

Another thing I have to say is that I started noticing increased length after using the extender for about three weeks, but I know that such results are temporary. In such a way, if you have been using any extender for several weeks and you already got incredible results, you should still continue using it so that it doesn’t come back to its previous length. According to the company, the length that is achieved over several months is permanent but I will continue using PeniMaster PRO as I’m completely used to wearing it and maybe I would get some more growth.


Who Can Benefit from Using PeniMaster PRO?

If a man doesn’t suffer from certain health conditions that can prevent him from wearing this penis extender, it can be used by anyone who wants to improve the length of the penis. Another thing to mention is that if you want to get results using PeniMaster PRO you have to be prepared to use it regularly and over extended time period just as recommended by the developers. Fortunately, this extender is comfortable and discreet enough so you will be able to find several hours to wear it during the day. If you don’t have an opportunity to wear this device as much as you should, you are unlikely to achieve an improvement of the penis length. It definitely takes some time and dedication to see a noticeable difference in the length of your penis.

What Are the Pros of PeniMaster PRO?

  • Great design and construction suitable for prolonged wear
  • Comfortable and hygienic
  • Comes with detailed video instructions
  • Excellent storage case for all the elements of the PeniMaster PRO system
  • Can be worn under clothes discreetly

What Are the Cons of PeniMaster PRO?

  • Attaching latex diaphragm is slightly tricky

Summary of PeniMaster PRO

At the moment, there are numerous penis extenders on the market and after using PeniMaster PRO for quite a while, I can confidently say that it’s one of the best and it provides you with numerous advantages. Its excellent design ensures that you are able it to wear it for hours without feeling uncomfortable and you can easily hide it under your pants. The suction system used in the chamber is what makes it a lot more hygienic in comparison to the devices that use sponges on their straps. In addition to that, you can decide whether you want to use the pump or hose to create the vacuum.  What I also like is that it offers you an opportunity to choose how you want to wear it, either using a belt or only extension rods. I was able to quickly find my way around this extender and use to my benefit increasing the length of my penis by one inch.

PeniMaster PRO is undoubtedly a high-quality product that delivers the results when used regularly so if you’re looking for a device that is actually effective and can help you increase your penis length, I would definitely recommend using this one.