At the moment, there is no shortage of prostate massagers available from quite minimalistic and inexpensive devices to more high-end options so you can make your choice depending on your needs. In this review, I decided to focus on a simple glass prostate massager called Onyx from Sinclair Select.


First Impressions

The prostate massager comes in a basic box and inside you will also find a little sample of the lube, but no instruction on how to use your new toy. It’s not a problem for the majority of users as you can look up everything online, but it would still be nice to get some recommendations on how to maintain it. The amount of lube that you get in a sample will also not be enough for even a single session because, as you know, you need to use a lot of it when playing with prostate toys. Also, the glass massager doesn’t come with a bag to store it in and while you can keep it in a box, I definitely recommend investing in a pouch.

When it comes to the prostate massager itself, it definitely looks sexy and cool as it is made from a glossy black glass material, which is not that common for the toys made from this material. It has a curved shape which is a standard for such stimulators as they meant to hit the P-spot that is not located directly straight. The side of this Onyx massager that is meant to go inside is bulbous and about an inch in diameter, which is quite a comfortable size for the majority of men. On the slimmer side, you will find a ridged area that it meant to help you hold the device and manipulate it whichever way you like. The end of the sex toy is no flared, which may seem slightly intimidating, but the massager has a significant curve to its body so you’re quite unlikely to lose it inside you.


The length of the entire prostate stimulator is 6 inches but if you exclude the ridged area where you are supposed to hold it, you are left with about 5.5 inches that you can actually insert. It is definitely not a lot, and if you want some intense thrusting action, there is not enough length for that, especially if you want to use it on your own.

Onyx Massager in Use

Because the massager is made from glass, you can use any lubricant that you prefer, but you should definitely be generous when applying it as it is better to have too much than not enough. The first time I used this massager, I wasn’t too impressed mostly because there was not enough length for me to really stimulate my prostate and climax. Also, while the ridges helped me hold it when some lube got on them, it has become more difficult. The next time I decided to use it with my partner, and it was extremely pleasurable and I achieved orgasm quite quickly because he could hold it more effectively.

If you are used to playing with a vibrating prostate massager, this one may seem a bit boring for you, but it definitely does the job when used by someone who knows what they are doing.

sinclair-onyx-glass-prostate-massager4 sinclair-onyx-glass-prostate-massager5

Clean-Up and Maintenance

This sex toy is made from borosilicate and completely non-porous glass, which is very durable and safe for anal play. As opposed to the average glass, it is well-adjusted to the temperature changes, which is important as it won’t shatter when you carry it from cold conditions to warm. Also, you can have fun with it by warming it up or cooling down depending on what you want to experience. The maintenance of the glass toy is fairly easy, as all you have to do is wash it in warm water with antibacterial soap and then wipe it with a cloth until it’s dry. Also, remember to clean it the first time you purchase it as you don’t know where it has been before it was delivered to you. Keep your Onyx massager in the box or a pouch to keep away from the dust.


  • Inexpensive
  • Smooth and has a nice curve
  • Awesome black glass design
  • Comfortable width of the bulbous end
  • Made from quality glass which is temperature-resistant


  • Doesn’t have a flared end
  • May be too short for some men


Onyx massager is a great glass prostate massager, but you should not expect anything extraordinary from it. It certainly looks fantastic thanks to the black glass, which makes it exciting to try it out. From my experience, it’s better suited for using with a partner because they can get the most of the length that it offers. Depending on your preferences, it can be too short especially when used on your own. It’s quite an affordable option and it’s definitely worth its price.