Lilith Uterus male masturbator is manufactured by Tomax — a company I’ve never heard of before until I’ve decided to review this product. There are 3 different firmness options of the Lilith Uterus. At first, I thought of buying Lilith Uterus, hard firmness. But after doing some research, I’ve decided to go with the Lilith soft, which is supposed to feel closer to a real pussy.



For some reason, the manufacturer does not specify the type of material that is used to make this toy. The only thing that is mentioned is that it is classified as “food and medical grade material”; however, there is no way to test that claim.

If I had to guess, the material used to create the Lilith Uterus is UR3, which is always dusted with powder when you first open up your sex toy, and Lilith was no exception. Unfortunately, UR3 is a porous material, which means that you cannot share this sex toy as it can easily transfer infections. Furthermore, germs, dirt, etc. will be trapped by the porous structure of the material, making it very hard to clean out. In my experience, UR3 has a slightly sweet smell, which sets it aside from other similar-looking materials. On the bright side, UR3 materials are phthalates and latex free, so you don’t have to worry about that.



Lilith Uterus is designed to have a realistic tunnel texture. This means that you will not feel any chambers, ribs, or dots, just an organic tunnel shape that closely resembles the interior of a real vagina. The toy, however, takes realism to the next level and adds a cervix and a uterus chamber that are located at the end of the tunnel. This addition allows you to feel the sensation of hitting the woman’s cervix. What is more exciting is that you can actually penetrate the cervix and enter Lilith’s womb. Unlike many other toys that feature a cervix, the cervix of the Lilith is fairly easy to penetrate and doesn’t create an uncomfortable tightness around the head of your penis.


The specs of Lilith Uterus Masturbator are:

  • 3” long
  • 8” wide at the opening
  • 4” wide at the base
  • Weighs 12 oz.


In use

The material of this toy is very stretchy which allows accommodating a penis of almost any size. UR3 can retain heat, which means that you can heat it up before use. All you have to do is hold it under moderately hot tap water, and it will quickly warm up. Make sure not to use water that is too hot as it can melt your masturbator and burn you.

Lilith Uterus male masturbator has no hard outer shell, which gives you a lot of control over how much pressure you’d like to apply to your penis. Due to the fact that this masturbator has a closed bottom, you will not have a lot of control over the suction that it generates, which may be uncomfortable to some. Additionally, closed bottom makes it harder to clean this sex toy.

Care and Storage

As I mentioned above, Lilith Uterus male masturbator is made out of a very porous material, which makes it very hard to take care of it properly. Personally, I suggest a mild soap and warm water to wash it before and after every single use. Also, you have to turn it inside out before you can start cleaning it. At first, it seems impossible that you can turn it inside out through such a small hole without tearing the masturbator. But don’t worry, the material is super stretchy and will not tear as long as you don’t scratch it with a sharp object or your nails. After you thoroughly wash your Lilith, apply some cornstarch to it to keep it dry.

Make sure that you always use a water-based lubricant when using this toy as silicone lube and natural oils can destroy this masturbator. You can either store Lilith in its original package or simply place it inside a Ziploc bag. This will prevent any dust, lint, and hair from sticking to your toy.