The Packaging

When you think about a luxurious sex toy, you’re probably thinking of a toy created by LELO. As you would expect, the packaging of the LELO LOKI Wave is top notch, consisting of a solid black, snakeskin embossed box with a plastic window that displays the toy. The back of the box contains standard product information in a number of different languages.

Once you remove the lid, you will see that the LOKI Wave is placed on a foam base which keeps it in place. The side box contains a black satin bag and a USB charging cable. LELO never disappoints with its sleek and sexy packaging, but as it is much easier to store the toy in the provided bag, you can throw away the box with no second thoughts.


First Impressions



LOKI Wave has a similar design to the original LELO LOKI. The shaft of this toy is 4 inches in length with a circumference of 4.5 inches at its widest point. The perineal arm is about 2.5 inches in length, and unlike the original LOKI, it now has a secondary motor located within it. The shaft of the LOKI Wave and the perineal arm are stiff enough to hold their shape, which ensures that you receive the maximum amount of pleasure when you fully insert this toy.

However, the best thing about LOKI Wave is, of course, its ‘WaveMotion’ technology. This means that when this toy is turned on, it creates a ‘come hither’ motion with its main shaft. While using LOKI Wave you may choose from 5 regular pattern options and 5 ‘Wave’ patterns.

Just like many other LELO toys, the LOKI Wave is completely waterproof. It has an internal battery that can be charged via a USB cable. The handle of this toy was coated with a layer of high-quality silicone to make it even more pleasant to the touch, which made sure that the LOKI Wave is one of the most luxurious sex toys that you have ever used. On the handle, you will able to find a 5-button interface. The button in the center is used to turn the device on and off. The ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons are used to increase or decrease the intensity of the vibration. The up and down buttons are used to switch between different settings.

In Use

Similarly to the original LOKI, the LOKI Wave is quite easy to insert without needing to spend a lot of time on warming yourself up. The tapered tip ensures that the insertion is easy and comfortable as long as you use lots of lube. Once you fully insert the LOKI Wave, its perineal arm will be pressed snugly against your perineum and will stimulate you from the outside.


As soon as I was comfortable with the LOKI Wave being completely inside me, I couldn’t wait to turn this bad boy on. When you turn the LOKI Wave on, it will set itself to the lowest vibration setting, while the shaft will begin to massage you internally. The feeling is very unique and even startling at first. I’ve used toys with internal motion in the past; however, those toys could only rotate, while LELO LOKI Wave is able to create a ‘come hither’ movement, which definitely feels a lot more natural.

I was pleasantly surprised that once I turned on the ‘WaveMotion,’ the tip of the LOKI Wave started hitting my prostate spot on. The pressure, however, wasn’t strong enough for a proper prostate milking, so I used my hand to push down on the handle which pushed the tip firmly into my prostate. This is when I really started to appreciate the ‘WaveMotion’ function of this toy.

As I was switching to higher settings of vibration, I really started to feel the pleasure provided by the vibrating perineal arm. Unlike the original LOKI which lacked the vibration in the perineal arm, the LOKI Wave really hits the jackpot with this additional new feature. The combination of the powerful external and internal vibration, and the ‘WaveMotion’ really push you over the edge, providing you with an indescribable prostate stimulation experience.


I was just lying there for more than 45 minutes, enjoying all the sensations that the LOKI Wave was giving me. Usually, I prefer an ‘always on’ vibration setting, but for this toy, I found that ‘erratic’ pulsing to be the most pleasurable.

Despite the great experience that I’ve had with this toy, I have a few minor criticisms that I would like to mention.

The first downside of the LOKI Wave is the noise. The addition of the WaveMotion and the additional motor in the perineal arm make this toy a lot louder in comparison to its predecessor. Of course, it is just a comparison with other LELO toys that are all fairly quiet. If you have someone else in the house, as long as you shut your door and turn a TV on, no one will be able to hear you play with yourself.


My second issue with this product is that there is no way to change the speed of the ‘WaveMotion.’ At first, I wished it would move a bit slower as it was too stimulating. And toward the end of the session, I would have liked to ramp up the speed. As to be expected with such a toy, when you don’t hold the handle with your hands, the shaft inside will stop moving as much while the handle starts to move back and forth. This actually has a positive effect since it increases the pressure applied by the external perineal arm, which I found to be very enjoyable.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Just like all the other LELO toys, the LOKI Wave is totally waterproof, making it incredibly easy to clean. Simply wash it with warm tap water and some mild soap or a specialized toy cleaner. You may notice a slight gap between the shaft and the handle, but don’t worry as it doesn’t let any of the water inside the toy.

Because LOKI Wave is completely waterproof, it is a perfect toy to take with you when you are taking a bath or a shower. Personally, I prefer to bathe with toys that can be sat on. Unfortunately, it is impossible to sit on the LOKI Wave due to its large handle, which is why I never used it while taking a bath. When you’re done playing with the LOKI Wave, you can simply place it in the little storage bag that this toy comes with. Just don’t forget to store the charger along with the toy so that you won’t lose it.




So the question you must be asking yourself: ‘Is LOKI Wave better than its predecessor’? The simple answer is YES; most definitely. Just the addition of the second motor in the perineal arm is a huge bonus that greatly increases the pleasure that you get from this toy.

The WaveMotion feature is also a great addition. This feature allows for a much better prostate stimulation without applying an excessive amount of pressure or making the sensation too intense.

I’ve got to say that LELO LOKI Wave does pretty much everything a prostate massager should do. It is definitely better and more luxurious than the original LOKI, making you easily overlook the extra money you have to spend on this high-end prostate massager.