First Impressions

Even though there are many sex toy manufacturers who create expensive, luxurious sex toys, LELO is probably the most popular one. All aspects of their products are wonderfully exquisite, and the LOKI is the perfect example of that. Its faux crocodile skin box has a large clear window which allows you to behold the LOKI in all its glory without even opening the box.

Once you open the box, you will find LOKI lying on a foam bed. Next to it there is a compartment that contains an instruction manual, a USB charging cable, a satin storage bag, and a sachet of water-based lube. You can purchase LOKI in two colors including the Obsidian Black and Federal Blue.


The silicone from which the LOKI is made is similar to the silicone used in other LELO prostate massagers. Its texture is silky smooth with a satin finish, and unlike other silicone toys, it doesn’t attract dust or lint. This toy can be submerged under water and it features a medium-sized curved shaft that was designed to provide maximum prostate stimulation. The insertable length and circumference are both 4.5 inches, which, along with a tapered tip, makes the LOKI a fine choice for beginners.

When you switch on the LOKI, you’ll be able to choose from 6 different options including a steady vibration and 5 different patterns of waves and pulses. The intensity of each type of vibration can be adjusted by pressing the ‘plus’ or ‘minus’ buttons. The toy should be charged for one hour, which will yield you approximately 2 hours of use.


In Use

When you first look at the LOKI, you might think that it shares a lot of similarities with the LELO MONA. These two products truly are quite similar, except that the LOKI has a flared base, making it completely safe for anal use.

Quite some time ago, LELO has already made a product similar to the LOKI and it was named the Billy. The Billy is a great prostate massager, yet it has a few shortcomings all of which were addressed when LELO was designing the LOKI.


The shaft of the LOKI is a bit thicker, allowing it to create a ‘full’ sensation that I love. The girth of the BILLY’s shaft is pretty much constant, while the shaft of the LOKI has a narrow part near its base, making it a lot more comfortable to use. In my experience, the flared base of the BILLY wasn’t wide enough, which made it very easy to push it too far in. LELO has addressed this issue by making the flared base a lot wider, which I greatly appreciated.


When I was using the BILLY, I didn’t have a problem with the intensity of its vibrations; however, after trying the LOKI’s mind-blowing rumbling vibrations, I would never be able to go back.

So when I decided to finally give the LOKI a try, I also found the BILLY to make a thorough comparison. I first started out with the BILLY due to its narrower shaft. With just a bit of lube it slid right in and after I switched it on, it felt mediocre. Thus, I decided that it has served its purpose and decided to move on to the main course.


I took my favorite brand of water-based lube and generously coated the shaft of the LOKI. It took a bit more time for me to fit it in due to its slightly thicker shaft and sharper curve, but before I knew it, it was already inside me. At that moment, I felt a considerable improvement over what the BILLY had to offer.  The longer shaft and prominent curve allowed the tip of the LOKI to rest right against my prostate. I also felt a lot more comfortable having the LOKI inside me, probably due to its narrow neck at the base of the shaft. I couldn’t wait to turn on the vibrations.


Once I pressed the ‘+’ button on the handle, I felt very gentle rumbling vibrations coming right from the tip. This meant that despite the vibrations being mild, they were hitting my prostate spot on, making me excited for more. At some point I decided to let go of the LOKI’s handle, but that wasn’t a really good idea because it caused the vibrator to twist inside me and turn the other way.

Finally, I started increasing the speed until it I reached the maximum power. The feeling was earth-shattering, especially when I pushed on the handle to make the tip of the LOKI press more firmly against my prostate. As I was lying there, waves of pleasure were spreading from my nether regions all the way into my legs. I could feel the orgasm building, but, regretfully, it just didn’t have enough power to push me over the edge. Even though I couldn’t orgasm without using my hands, I still had an extremely powerful manual orgasm. This orgasm wasn’t quite the same as with ROSA, but I would still rank LOKI as one of the best LELO prostate massagers I have ever had the pleasure of using.


Clean Up & Maintenance

Just like all the other toys manufactured by LELO, the LOKI is very easy to clean as it is completely water resistant. Just use a basin full of water or tap to thoroughly clean it using some toy cleaner or some soap. The has a small ridge between the plastic handle and the silicone shaft, so pay attention to it while cleaning as lube can get stuck in it.

The LOKI can withstand the depth of one meter underwater so you can feel safe while playing with it in the shower or bathtub. Simply make the water a bit hotter than usual, lie on your back, and enjoy the endless rumbling pleasure coursing through your body.

When storing the LOKI, you may either use the original box or the black satin bag provided in the package. Just make sure that it doesn’t touch any of the toys made of silicone or jelly-like materials, as they can melt together.



It’s been a long time since LELO has produced prostate massagers and products designed for anal stimulation. The LOKI, LELO has produced, is an excellent luxury sex toy that everyone would be proud to have in their collection. Aside from its great functionality, it also features a marvelous design which also gives it an aesthetic appeal. Despite the fact that the LOKI is immensely more powerful than its predecessor — the BILLY, I still felt that it lacks enough power because of the absence of a second motor. However, if you feel like prostate stimulation is the only thing you’re looking for, then you’re going to love the LOKI at first sight.

People who love to sit on a prostate massager and ‘rock’ their way to orgasm will be disappointed with the LOKI as its large handle makes it impossible to use it in such a way. On the other hand, if you prefer just lying back, relaxing, and letting the vibrator do all the work for you, then this is definitely your thing.