Generally, it is more typical of men to use various sex toys, so the industry has mostly been focused on male toys for years. However, today women are more open to exploring their sexuality with the help of sex toys, whether alone or with a partner. This change has triggered a response from the sex toys manufacturers, and now you can find some rather interesting options both for male and female pleasure. LELO HULA Beads is a great example of a recent addition to the market of sex toys for women.


First Impressions

The HULA Beads come in a sleek black box which houses the device itself along with pretty much a ton of accessories. Once you open the box, you see the HULA Beads proudly nestled on top of a compartment which holds the rest of the stuff, including a remote control, an authenticity card, a user manual, a charger and a satin pouch to store your new toy. In addition, inside the compartment you’ll also find two batteries for the controller (it takes standard AAA batteries), a special key to unlock the controller when you have to replace the batteries and a sachet of LELO lube. Basically, that’s everything you might possibly need for your first encounter with the HULA Beads.


If you’re not familiar with the concept of the LELO HULA Beads, the mention of a controller might have surprised you. Well, the highlight of the Beads is the wireless control option, which gives you a lot more freedom to explore the potential of the toy. Say, you’re getting ready for a night out with your boyfriend, wearing the HULA Beads. He can surprise you by activating the toy any time he wishes, and he doesn’t even have to be in the same room with you (the range of the controller is slightly more than 10m). Or maybe you could even venture outside wearing the Beads and see how that goes! HULA Beads can be worn under clothes quite discreetly, so you can have fun with your boyfriend in a restaurant or movie theater, and no one will ever know what you’re up to (as long as you don’t give yourself away).

Another interesting feature of the Beads is the toy’s shape, which enables you to use in two ways: inserting both beads, or sticking with just one. Depending on the number of beads inserted, the toy will stimulate different areas of the vagina, granting various pleasing sensations.


In Use

I was really excited about getting the new toy from LELO, and I wasn’t disappointed. Just like any other LELO product, the Beads deliver a great performance and will likely be my favorite toy for a while. The toy is really easy to use and manipulate, and the remote controller adds a lot of fun to an already impressive package.

To connect the Beads to the controller, you have to press both the middle button of the controller and the button on the toy twice. Once you have done that, the devices are connected and ready to surprise you. The control scheme is really a no-brainer: use the middle button to scroll through the 8 vibration patterns, and press the plus or minus buttons to adjust the intensity of the vibrations. As you can see, there is quite a variety of different combinations available, so that everyone can find the mode which works best for them.


What I particularly liked about the controller is the SenseMotion technology, which is unique to LELO products. With SenseMotion, you can control the toy with your movements. The faster you move the controller, the more intense vibrations you feel. Also, swiftly rotating the controller will cause the HULA Beads to explode with a set of powerful vibrations (figuratively speaking, of course).

If you’re not particularly keen on all the high-tech wireless control possibilities, that’s not a problem. You can disconnect the controller and adjust the vibration patterns and intensity on the Beads. This also means that you can go on having fun with the toy even if the batteries in the controller suddenly give out. HULA Beads have a built-in rechargeable battery which should last about two hours of intensive use or 60 days of standby after full charge.

Inserting the pleasure beads is really a lot easier if you’re aroused. In addition, you can use lube to facilitate the insertion process. Once the toy is inside, it feels really good thanks to the smooth high-quality silicon material and smart design which reflects all particularities of female anatomy. The LELO remote control vibrator was designed to grant the ultimate pleasure to every woman, and according to user reviews I read in abundance before ordering my own Beads, the toy does fulfil its purpose.


HULA Beads are fully waterproof, so you can safely take all the fun straight to the bathroom. I didn’t realize the toy’s full potential until I’d worn it while taking a shower. No matter which vibration patterns you prefer, the Beads will really shine when you move around a bit. Thus, it’s also a good idea to use the toy while doing the everyday household chores. That way, you’ll definitely be more excited about folding the laundry!

Finally, I also enjoyed the possibility of using the Beads both as a warm-up before sex and as a handy tool for a “one-woman act”. The toy is fully capable of making you climax, although you’ll probably have to assist the Beads by moving. Personally, I found that the best way to use HULA Beads for me was during foreplay, so I’m going to stick to that for now.


Clean-up and Maintenance

Both the toy and the controller are made of high-quality silicone and plastic. HULA Beads are safe and won’t cause any skin rashes or allergies as long as you keep them clean. To do that, you can simply wash the toy in warm soapy water after each use. When the Beads are clean and dry, put them into the supplied pouch to wait for their next use. Also, don’t forget to recharge the toy so that you don’t run out of battery juice right in the heat of the moment.



  • High-quality toy
  • “Smart” wireless controller
  • Various vibration patterns
  • Easy to use, clean up and maintain
  • Waterproof
  • Silent and discreet, so works great for venturing outside



  • Battery life is okay, but it could’ve been better



Just like pretty much any other LELO Beads review, mine is a favorable one, and I would easily recommend the Beads to any woman who’s looking for ways to spice up her sex life. For a little more than $100, you get everything you need to set out on your way to explore the powerful sensations, and I call that a great deal!