If ever considered buying an expensive sex toy, you should have heard about LELO at one point or another. It is a brand that produces high-end, luxury sex toys, which anyone who isn’t a prude would love to own. However, LELO isn’t just a brand that revolutionizes our view of sex toys; it has also decided to produce its own, never before seen condoms. They are called the LELO HEX condoms, and supposedly they solve three main issues that are associated with regular condoms: breakage, slippage, and discomfort.

Now before we start, I would like to mention that I’ve used a ton of condoms back in the day. And never have I come across condoms that allowed for a realistic feeling during intercourse. I’m not going to turn my review into a cheap ad by saying that, “after using a LELO HEX condom for the very first time I was blown away!” But considering the fact that they did blow me away, I’ll write this review however I wish.


To tell the truth, I was quite skeptical when I first bought them. While many condom companies claim to give you, “that incredibly realistic feeling,” they practically never live up to all the hype that they create. Condoms have been around for at least 600 years, and the quality of the condoms we use today is incomparably higher than the ones produced from animal intestines and oiled silk paper. Modern, high-quality condoms, however, are already pretty much as thin as they can be and give you the best possible feeling a condom can offer. Or so I thought.

The Advantages of a LELO HEX Condom


The first thing you notice is that the packing of the HEX is somewhat different from all the other condoms. As opposed to using plastic or tin foil, these condoms are packaged into something that resembles strong paper. This type of packaging is much easier to rip open, and its tearing edge won’t damage the condom itself. Also, the texture of the paper allows you to grip it more firmly. So if your hands are slippery from vaginal juices or lube, you’ll still be able to open these condoms in a sec.


It’s easy to tell which way is up

The second slight difference from regular condoms is that HEX comes from the package slightly more unrolled. This allows you to quickly figure out which side is the right one and quickly put the condom on. It may not be much, but it’s definitely very convenient especially if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to spoil the mood by fumbling around with your condom.


Very stretchy material

One of the main issues that people have with condoms is that they squeeze their penis too much. While this might not cut the circulation to the penis, it is definitely very uncomfortable and greatly reduces the sensations that a man is able to feel. Of course, this issue can be solved by getting condoms that are larger in width. However, if you do buy a pack of XL condoms, you run the risk of them slipping off at the most inappropriate time. To solve this issue, LELO has made their condoms super-stretchy! I even inflated one to see how big it could get before popping.


Base isn’t too tight

This advantage is almost a duplicate of the previous one. Yet, I feel that it’s so important that it deserves a separate section all to itself. The problem is that the majority of condoms primarily rely on their tight base to stay on, and many people, me included, don’t particularly like it. HEX, on the other hand, stayed on without applying any additional pressure to the base of my penis. Furthermore, it didn’t roll up as I was having sex with my partner, which is a flaw many modern condoms have.


Exceptionally thin

All condom companies strive to make their condoms thinner, because the thinner the condom is, the better it transfers all the tactile sensations. Yet there is a limit to how thin a condom made from latex can be while still being able to reliably protect you from STDs and babies alike. The hexagon condom structure of the HEX condoms allows pushing this limit even further without sacrificing durability. Also, the hexagonal pattern of the condoms felt rather nice both for my partner and for me.


The esthetics

Almost all condoms available today have some sort of color (even if you don’t get the colored ones). This slightly yellowish tinge makes the penis look weird and even a bit alien. HEX condoms, on the other hand, are so thin that they are nearly transparent; they also didn’t have the characteristic powdered look all latex condoms have. This might not seem like a big deal, but it definitely adds to the overall feeling of chic that the LELO HEX condoms create.

Why would I choose LELO HEX condoms over any other brand?

Without a doubt, these condoms allow me to feel more pleasure during sex than I’ve ever had before. Yeah, it’s still not as good as going bareback, but protection against STDs and babies is definitely a must for me.

The first time I’ve rammed my cock into my girlfriend, I was stunned. The sensations were so exquisite that I could barely tell that I’ve still had a condom on.

With each thrust I was able to feel her gripping my cock with her pussy; I felt bliss and freedom. It was like we were finally having unprotected sex. Totally awesome!

In the past, the only upside of the regular condoms (aside from protecting me from STDs) was the fact that they dulled my sensations, allowing me to perform like a rock star, without blowing my load too quickly.

With HEX, however, I’ve lost all inhibitions and pounded away feeling 95% of going bareback. I actually had to distract myself and think of something neutral to prevent myself from cumming right there and then. As always, doing tough math problems in my head allowed me to get to the finish line, though I’ve got to say that it was pretty hard.


For her

I can’t really brag about how long I can last in bad, but the first time we got it on with HEX condoms was a superb experience for her as well. She was moaning from pleasure throughout the entire session. Each time I slowed down a bit to prevent myself from cumming; my GF would start begging me to do her harder and faster. As you can expect, when she finally reached her climax she was floating in pure ecstasy for a good minute. Naturally, this experience has really boosted my sexual self-esteem.


After we finally finished, my girlfriend told me that she couldn’t even tell if I had a condom on or not!

This concludes my HEX condom review. I truly advise you to give these condoms a try, as their price is well worth it.

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