Once I’ve found out that the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge is great at providing powerful, rumbly vibrations, I simply couldn’t wait to get it. Luckily, I was quickly able to order and let me tell you; I haven’t regretted my decision for a second. After just 10 minutes of using it for the first time, I was going through one of the easiest orgasms of my life. Despite the fact that this toy has a hefty price tag, it is definitely worth it. Very rarely am I so hyped up about a luxury toy, as most of the time they are simply not worth their money. L’Amourose Rosa vibe was an exciting exception to this trend and below I will tell you all about how I fell in love with this product.


  • Amazing rumbly vibrations
  • Safe for anal use
  • Easy to hold, especially if you have issues with reaching the right spot
  • The warming feature works great!
  • Versatile
  • Works great as a gift as the packaging and the toy look amazing
  • Charging base works without a hitch
  • Completely waterproof
  • A full charge lasts for about 1.5 hours on high setting
  • One and a half year warranty


  • Hefty price tag
  • If you’re left-handed, the controls may be uncomfortable
  • Impossible to quickly shut it off
  • Doesn’t provide a very firm pressure on the prostate or G-spot because the shaft is somewhat flexible

First Impressions

When my L’Amourose arrived in the mail, the first thing that struck me is the lavish packaging that could have been used to package a piece of expensive jewelry or perfume. Rosa Rouge comes in a matte red box with a gold logo embossed on one side and a picture of the toy on the other. The golden text looks elegant, though it can only be seen if the box is held at a certain angle. But enough about the packaging ‘cause it what’s inside that counts. Inside, you will find a nice-looking black box with an elasticated ribbon. Finally, once you take off the lid, you can see the Rouge sitting on the charging station. Once you take out the Rouge and its base, you will see another compartment which contains the plug for the charging base, warranty card, manual, and a black storage bag.

Considering the number of product reviews that I did, it really does take a lot to amaze me. But if Chanel were to make sex toys, this is how they would look like. The outside of the Rouge vibe is coated with a soft, silky, luxurious silicone in a vibrant red color. The craftsmanship and the overall presentation of L’amourose Rosa Rouge vibe put almost any other company to shame, setting a standard for how a luxury sex toy should look like.


Rosa Rouge is equipped with two motors — one of which is located in the base and the other in the shaft. The motors can be set to follow 9 different patterns that range from steady vibrations to various pulses and buzzes. The intensity of each pattern can also be increased and decreased.

One feature that sets Rosa Rouge aside is the addition of the heating element located at the tip. After you turn on the Rouge, its tip will warm up to about 40 degrees Celsius after about 5 minutes. Furthermore, thanks to the Thermal Regulation technology, your toy will never overheat, which means to you don’t have to worry about accidentally burning yourself with it.

Initially, the Rouge has a charge of about 40%, so you’ll be able to use it straight from the box. However, I advise you to fully charge it before you give it a proper go. It will take about 2-3 hours to fully charge after you place it on the docking station.


In Use

The Rosa Rouge can be used by women as a clit vibe, G-spot vibe or anally. Men, on the other hand, can use it as a prostate massager. Anal play with the Rouge, however, should be attempted by those who are fairly experienced with it, since the wide tip might prove to be a bit challenging to insert.

The curve of the toy allows reaching your G-spot easily. If your G-spot is located further back, the base of the Rouge will also be stimulating your labia.

The thin shaft of the Rouge is quite flexible, which means that it will move with your body and won’t create a lot of pressure no matter how you move it.

One of the small issues that Rosa Rouge has is that once you insert it, it can be quite challenging to use the buttons. When using this toy, quite often I found myself pushing the wrong buttons by accident. However, if you’re using this toy with a partner, the problem is no longer there as you can lie back and relax. Hopefully, somewhere in the future, L’Amourose will consider making this toy with a remote control, which will completely eradicate a small issue in an otherwise perfect toy.


So the main question — how does it feel?

The Rouge is able to deliver deep, rumbly vibrations that allow you to reach an orgasm easily. On the maximum setting, you can actually feel the vibrations pass through your whole body, which makes the session with L’Amourose Rosa Rouge an almost out-of-body experience.

Does the heating feature make a difference?

At first, you don’t really feel the difference, but after a while, the heat starts to build up. The feeling is very nice and somehow makes the experience much more intense. Unlike the warming lubes (the majority of which don’t work), the warming feature provides the most benefit when used externally as a clitoral vibrator. In my opinion, setting Rosa Rouge on low and turning on the heat function serves as a wonderful warm-up toy for women whose body lags behind while their mind is all ready for action.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The L’Amourose Rosa vibe is completely waterproof, meaning that you can safely wash it in warm water and use a toy cleaner on it. As for the storage, the Rouge can be stored in the special storage bag that comes with this product or keep it in its original box. Personally, I keep it in the box because it just feels like a waste to throw such a luxurious box away. Just like any other silicone product, this toy is like a magnet for lint. However, this can be easily sorted out by wiping it with a damp cloth or a sex toy wipe.



Is the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge a good investment? Yes, definitely. If you were to buy a single sex toy this year, then this is the toy to purchase, no doubt about it. (ссылка на продукт)

Is it worth spending more money a version that has 2 more patterns and a heating element instead of buying its predecessor? That depends on whether you like temperature play. I personally very much liked the heating function as it heightened my senses and allowed me to achieve an even more powerful orgasm. However, if you don’t care about the heat feature, then the original Rosa will fit you just right.

“Flex and Shift Technology” — a Pro or a Con? This fancy name simply means that the shaft of the Rouge if flexible. Even though it is marketed a good thing, I don’t particularly like it. Actually, I’d want the toy to have less flex as I like to apply more pressure on my G-spot. This flaw doesn’t really concern me all the much, but for some people, the flexible shaft may be a deal-breaker.

The L’Amourose Rosa Rouge vibe is perfect for those who:

  • Need strong vibrations
  • Do not need pinpoint clitoral vibrations
  • Do like to have extra firm pressure applied to their G-spot or prostate
  • Are looking for a completely new luxurious product