Jimmyjane Form 2 vibrator is one of the most recent innovations that have gained popularity in the adult world within the shortest time period. It has been rated as one of the best sex toys due to its outstanding features. Follow me closely as we explore this piece of pleasure through the following Jimmyjane Form 2 review.


This toy is pink or black in color and has a height of three inches and a width of two inches. It has a shape of a rabbit head, made of body-safe silicone and is toxic free. It has a bulb at its bottom and two ears. Each of these ears has a motor that enables the toy to give the most amazing experience. This toy performs so well because this clitoral vibrator’s prongs rest on each side of your clit providing indirect but powerful vibrations. In addition, if you love direct stimulation, it is enhanced by the two ears. Furthermore, the ears can be used on other body parts; for instance, the labia or the nipples.

Jimmyjane Form 2 is completely waterproof. It is a great advantage as you can use it wherever you want. It can be used in the shower and is easily washable. In addition, the material of the toy is slippery enough and therefore does not require any added lubricant, as long as you are aroused and have your own basic lubrication. However, it works well even when a lubricant is applied.


Apply lubricant to yourself rather than the toy, because the lubricant slides right off of it because of the toy’s powerful vibrations. Lubricants work perfectly well when applied to a small area. Keep in mind that silicon-based lubricants should be avoided because they degrade the material on the vibrator. Also, those who are allergic to nickel should take note of this because the base of the toy is made of stainless steel with traces of nickel.

The Jimmyjane vibrator is rechargeable, and it comes with a little USB charging dock. It has a long battery life that can last for days, but it is advisable to always keep it charged so that you can use it whenever you want. When charging the toy do it carefully as the charging wire can be dislodged very easily. It is a minor problem, however, which can be easily addressed. In addition, it has a light flashing mode that displays the battery level, so with you can easily see whether it’s charging and when it’s low on juice.


The toy can give you amazing orgasms due to its mind-blowing vibrations. These strong and pleasurable vibrations are created by two powerful motors in each of the bunny’s ears. Also, this toy has different levels and patterns of the vibrations. The patterns include a steady vibration, a steady pulsation, and escalating pulsations that have a pause at the end.

Talking of traveling, this clit vibrator is amazing because it’s travel-friendly. First of all, its size is very small; thus, you can easily put it in your purse. In addition, it has a travel lock. The lock prevents you from accidentally turning it on. Also, when you turn it on it will be set to the same setting during which you turned it off.


Although many users claim that the vibrator is a little loud, it is something that you have to deal with to enjoy the powerful vibrations that it brings. Its vibrations range from a very soft setting to crazy-powerful vibrations that will overwhelm a novice user. Finally, this toy is very discreet because anyone who looks at it for the first time will not realize that it’s a vibrator.

Jimmyjane Form 2 clit vibrator has everything that you need to bring you to a mind-blowing orgasm. Its flawless design, size, crazy power, the ability to be travel-friendly and rechargeable make it the best present that you can give yourself. It is simply adorable!