Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit male masturbator was designed to help men have long-lasting erections. It has been very popular since its appearance in the market. It greatly arouses and stimulates men in order to have a sexual pleasure. In addition, it helps in the treatment of premature ejaculation.

While there are a lot of other techniques that can help you have long-lasting erections, this Stamina Training Unit (STU) is definitely one of the best methods. It gives you the stamina you need, especially if you don’t have a lot of sexual experience, through a rigorous yet enjoyable sexual training. With this male masturbator, your expectations will be exceeded.


Inside, Fleshlight has smooth pillow-like bumps that enable you to control your ejaculation. In addition, a smooth canal replicates the intense sensations of its female counterpart. The sensations you get are to die for. With Fleshlight, it is really hard not to reach the point of no return. This product is really great. It doubles and even triples your ability to last longer during sex. In order to increase your sensations, you can warm up the inner canal of the device with lukewarm water. When you slip your penis inside the masturbator, it makes you feel as if you slide your penis inside a wet vagina.


At first, you might come faster than expected but it is normal and beneficial as well. Just try to use Fleshlight regularly and it would definitely bring you great results. You’ll be able to last longer and longer, improving your stamina in bed. If you really want to fight premature ejaculation, use Fleshlight.

There are two styles of Fleshlight STU: the “lady orifice” or “pure orifice”. The “lady orifice” looks more like a vagina. On the other hand, the “pure orifice” has the opening in the shape of a circle. One of the advantages of the “pure orifice” is that it’s great if you want to have more privacy. Moreover, it actually lets you get to the good stuff right away. However, both styles of the masturbator can provide you with great sensations. When you put your penis inside or when you take the masturbator off, your muscles will tense up. It is one of the most top selling sex toys in the world.


Another great thing about Fleshlight STU is that you can use it in order to try various penetration methods, rhythms, and techniques to further develop and improve your stamina while experiencing one of the most gratifying and mind blowing orgasms you can have in your life.

The gold case the masturbator goes with is also worthy of praise. It looks like a usual flashlight. But there is a twist. The internal sleeve can be easily removed making it easier for you to clean it inside. The material the masturbator is made of is non-toxic and Phthalate free. Giving the fact that it resembles an actual flashlight, it is easy to hide. The case also offers men the ability to control suctions during use. You can set the level of suction you want by tightening or loosening the end cap. If you want a tighter suction for a stronger sensation, you need to tighten the cap. The lower level of the suction means that the masturbator would make less noise, which is a good option for a silent yet immensely pleasurable experience.


All in all, Fleshlight STU is a great product to have. If you are lonely and horny, it’s a great way to deal with that. It’s definitely a must for you if you want to get a more satisfying sex experience.