Fleshlight Shower Mount Review: Hand-Free Masturbation

Once you have tried this new male masturbation innovation, there is no going back, you are hooked. Fleshlight Shower Mount is taking male masturbation to another level. Imagine, for the first time having a hand-free masturbation and in the shower too, wow, is this not amazing? Back in the days, you would have to stuff this in the mattress or have a friend hold it for you while you thrust yourself into ecstasy. Those days are long gone. This is a hands free innovation that is going to change the way you have sex in the shower.

Fleshlight shower mount is like a beautiful sexy chic waiting for you in the shower. You don’t know what to expect from her but in your head you definitely know she is soft, moist and horny just for you. She is ready to take you in, in every unimaginable ways.

This is like a dream all men wanted come true. Come to think of it, you are from work, all stressed up, tired and all you need is a sensual moment. You tell me, what will you as a man need when you get home and you are all worked up?

Definitely you will need a hot shower; yes a hot shower is good but is hot water and soaps all that a man needs at this time really?

I don’t think so. In fact, as men we don’t like cleaning. We need pleasure, ecstasy, we need sex. We need a good sex in the shower

So this is what the blokes at fleshlight did:

They designed an accessory that you can stick on the wall and using a fleshlight adapter plug the sex toy.

The sex toy is going to be stick on the wall thanks to a suction cup which I know most of you love considering the fact it is straight forward and there are little chances of it falling. Yes, this is definitely what you are thinking. It is a wall mount flesh light.

Fleshlight shower mount

In order to check out how the powerful fleshlight mount works, click on the video thumbnail and you will see.

Fleshlight has totally redesigned the way we masturbate with a number of pocket pussies

They have changed the inner sleeves, colors and the cases among many other things. They have also included vibrations and virtual toys in their new design. However, they forgot to solve the main issue which is you still need to have a wrist of a tennis player to make the most out of it daily.

This is where fleshlight shower mount comes in. It gives your hand a break and for a moment, you get to enjoy a natural sexual motion instead. If I am to tell you how this device works then I will spoil the fun for you. You should try it and experience the fun yourself.

Instead, let us discuss one great innovation about the fleshlight shower mount. This is the fact that it is easy to clean. Imagine, you are in shower and you already have a soap and water with you. How long is it going to take you to clean it?

Definitely these are just seconds. You will simply thrust, enjoy and rinse yourself and the sex toy.

At the same time, there are a few shortcomings of this device. These are:

  • You cannot regulate the suction since you will remove the suction cup to attach the fleshlight shower mount
  • It does not work with ICE, SIAC and Blade due to of its incompatibility with the attachment.

Therefore, if you are afraid of suction and you cannot give up on the ability to regulate the suction, then the Fleshlight Shower Mount is definitely not for you. However, if you cannot wait to masturbate hands free in the shower and give yourself a realistic powerful and intense experience, then this is the device for you.