Since it was launched 10 years ago, Fleshlight Original is currently one of the top-performing Fleshlights. This sex tool features several features that make it a popular purchase among most men who want to have a great masturbation experience.

First of all, this tool features a flat and rib-less internal sleeve. The sleeve is smooth and soft, making it ideal for people who are sensitive and the ones with an above-average girth.

The Fleshlight Original comes in three different orifice options: mouth, butt, and lady.


The Pink Lady Original is a renowned sex toy despite the fact that Interactive Life Forms, LLC is creating newer versions of this mastrubator.

The Fleshlight Original comes in three different models: the Original Pink Lady, the Classic Pink Mouth, and the Classic Pink Butt. These models introduce users to the intense pleasure of vaginal, oral and anal sex. Although they have different orifices, these three types of Classic Fleshlight have a smooth and wider than average internal sleeve.

The Classic Pink Mouth is best used to imitate oral sex. On the other hand, the Pink Butt has a tight entrance , a feature which makes it ideal for exploring a user’s deepest fantasies and erotic desires. This model snuggles around the user’s penis to give them strong and pleasurable sensations and incredible orgasms.


The Fleshlight Original has a diameter of 3/4 “ (1.9cm). The internal sleeve is flat and smooth.

The Fleshlight Original Pink Lady is made of patented SuperSkin which is a safe material . This material is produced in Austin hence its quality is guaranteed, unlike other materials that are made in China and are of low quality. The material is soft , pleasant, supple and pleasurable.

Moreover , SuperSkin from which the internal sleeve is made of gives you very pleasurable sensations. It’s durable and allows the sleeve to get back to its original shape after use; it does not stretch out or lose form after use.

It’s a great choice for men with a sensitive penis or those who simply want to enjoy longer sessions and masturbate for extended periods of time.


Men with an above average girth need a little more lube when using any other Fleshlight, in order to slide in more comfortably. But this isn’t necessary with the Original or the Classic Pink Mouth and Classic Pink Butt.

The Fleshlight Original is ideal if your girth is above average as it allows you to masturbate with the minimal amount of lube while giving you an experience extremely close to the real thing.

You can also adjust the suction from the end cap and regulate your experience for sensations of your choice.

The Fleshlight Original Pink Lady, just like the Classic Pink Mouth and Classic Pink Butt comes with a black Fleshlight case with an adjustable end cap.This allows the user to regulate the amount of suction they are getting by rotating the cap at the smaller end of the case, which acts on the built-in “vents” giving you more control over your sex toy and the power to enjoy a variety of intense sensations.


The Fleshlight case is able to keep an ideal amount of pressure around your penis. It allows the sleeve to stretch and press on the case during stimulation and does not lose its shape in the process.

The Fleshlight Original Pink Lady is undoubtedly the best purchase. It’s recommended for men with a penis that is wider than average. It’s also a great choice for those with an average girth who have a very sensitive penis and either want to start out slowly or enjoy the pleasure of longer solo sessions.

The Fleshlight Original comes with water-based Fleshlube sample that improves the user’s masturbatory experience.


The Fleshlight Original Package comes with a user guide to enables the user to have a smooth masturbatory experience.The guide helps one to use it without encountering difficulties. Besides, it helps you to take good care of it.

Despite being the first Fleshlight ever created, the Fleshlight Original Pink Lady has steadily increased in popularity amongst men. The toy is not ribbed which gives it a smooth sexual experience. This toy is a great purchase for men who want to have an incredible orgasm.