Fleshlight ICE Review: The Pleasure Giving Masturbator

Fleshlight was as well as still is a very popular product among the male. It was previously discontinued in 2013 causing many men to be disheartened as that transparent sex toy, was a favorite of the mass. But recently Fleshlight ICE was launched to please men again. The buying rate of Fleshlight ICE has increased with time and that is because it is quite addictive, as the pleasure of masturbation that you get after using it, it well cannot be compared once for all. It’s probably the best gift for all horny men. Also, the best thing about the Fleshlight’s service is that they send the delivery very discreetly, in a very normal box, without much fuss and thus maintain the privacy. There are a lot of features, that will blow your mind while using.

Most Fleshlight products are either of pink color or of skin color, but the Fleshlight ICE is actually transparent and thus looks beautiful. Also, it is supposedly made from a SuperEthnicity Technology, which states that it is not only free from latex, but it also is non allergic. It comes in three forms, and you can choose any one of it. The three basic forms are the Pure, Lady and Butt. In the Fleshligh ICE ��Pure’, the orifice appears almost like a hole. ��Lady’ on the other hand is shaped like as the name suggests like a vagina. And the ��Butt’ again going by the name, is of actually butt-shaped. Thus, they give you the option to choose, where you want to put your little guy and have your orgasm.

So, before you decide to buy Fleshlight ICE, go through the fleshlight ice review and know about it more.

Product :

Fleshlight has always been high in giving pleasure to men, but the newly introduced ICE sex toy, is something divine. This toy, takes your arousal to a whole new level and satisfies your desires while giving you a clear view of your thrusts through its transparent body.

It gives you an absolute realistic experience, as it is made by the Fleshlight from their SuperSkin with a frosted finish. Its crystal sleeve contains spirals, bumps as well as nodules throughout its body to make your orgasm reach a high level and give you the ultimate pleasure.

The product comes in a total transparent case also with a trial pack of bottle lubricant and an information leaflet, which gives perfect directions on how to use it. Also, there is a plastic rod, that it inserted inside the ICE, and it is necessary to remove the rod, before it is used. There is also a tiny suction cap attached to the other end, which surprises you once it is used.

Features :

  • Below mentioned are the key features of Fleshlight ICE –
  • Fleshlight ICE is a male masturbator with various textures and a transparent exterior.
  • It is made of silicone.
  • The stretchy canal is designed in such a way that it can be stretched to accommodate almost every man.
  • The sleeve has a case, which is very discreet and can be kept without anybody knowing about it.
  • It also has a feature of adjusting temperature, that automatically changes with the temperature for more natural feeling.
  • Also, it is very easy to use.

Other Details :

  • The internal length of it is 9-10 inches which is almost 27 centimeters. Enough to accommodate most men.
  • It has a canal diameter of 0.75
  • Depending upon the item ordered, the opening can be hole like for ��Pure’, vagina like for ��Lady’ and a butt like for ��Butt’.
  • It does not contain latex or phthalates.
  • It also gives a very realistic feel and is well textured.
  • It is not only transparent, but also is waterproof.

Detailed Discussion :

The masturbator as said before is 9-10 inches long and almost 3.5 inches wide and have total 7 inner chambers. These chambers are very carefully textured for the ultimate pleasure. The first chamber contains bumps, while the second one is with ripples. The third one is a bit bigger than the first two and contains more ripples, thus giving the feels of being inside a vagina. The fourth one is with rounded bumps and the fifth one is a much tighter section. The sixth one has rectangular bumps and the seventh and last one is a bit grooved. All these sections just increase the thrill and the pleasure.

The ICE should be put into warm water, like any other sex toy, because the warmness feels not only good, but also acts as a disinfectant. The trial lubricant that is given with the toy, is useful. The more lubricant you will use, the more easily the penis will go inside the chambers. The alternating tightness of the chambers also makes it special, by giving an almost realistic touch to it. It also, at times gives and intense feeling and an extended orgasm to the users.

The tiny suction cap that is present is something wow, as it makes a huge difference. If the suction cap is rotated and tightened it gives a feel of sucking the penis, just the way you want your partner to do it. This creates a havoc on your body and might even end up extracting moans from you. On the other hand, if the suction cap is kept in a loosened position, then the whole process is smooth and yet it is intense.

Though the ICE is amazing, it takes a lot to clean it up, because of those various shaped chambers. So, since it gives you so much pleasure, it should be clean properly and the hygiene of it should be maintained even if it takes a lot of time and effort.

Pros :

  1. Its transparent nature allows you to see while penetrating.
  2. The design is very modern and cool.
  3. The chambers enhances the amount of your pleasure.
  4. It is easy to use.
  5. The delivery system being discreet, easy to order and receive as well.

Cons :

  1. It is very difficult to clean.
  2. The sleeves are glutinous.
  3. Also, it is quite expensive.

It is large, and it gives pleasure. So, if you are ready to spend some money for your sex toy, then it is one of the perfect toys to play with for the men.