Modern Fleshlight Flights are more compact and highly portable. Some models like Fleshlight STU and Fleshlight ICE are designed to be very portable, and you can travel with it wherever you go. It is more discreet, which make it easier to store as compared with earlier models. The external aerodynamic casing is transparent, which help to avoid suspicion. Fleshlight Flight’s orifice is now a pure one and no longer resembles a vagina, but it is a pure circle that makes it look like a toy but still a great pleasure tool.


  • Mind came in an anonymous box that was totally plain and blank. All I could read was my name and the sender.
  • It comes with a shower mount adapter, and I can enjoy it the shower.
  • It is a Portable Pocket Pussy with compact and sleek design, which makes it hard for anyone to know that I owned one as the Fleshlight designed to have a discreet orifice with ensures a lot of privacy.
  • The case of the Fleshlight flight is dismounted from left to right, top to cap, sleeve as well as the suction cap.
  • The Fleshlight Flight is 8-inches overall with its sleeve having 6 inches long.


Buy the male masturbator directly from Fleshlight flight and will be delivered to you in an anonymous box. It features a compact design that makes it easier to hide. The Fleshlight Flight comes already mounted, but you have to remove the sleeve to warm it up by filling the bowl with some hot water and leave it for about 5 minutes. The Fleshlight Flight’s orifice is anonymous and feels nice and tight. You don’t have to worry with the lube you can just pour into it generously. After use, you have to wash it and leave to try for some time.

The Portable Pocket Pussy is wonderful and nice to use. As soon as your glans barely touches the front part of the orifice, you will feel warm, soft and smooth. It just works like the real pussy as the glans slides inside the sleeve and it feels moist and cozy. When you slide a little bit inside, it tightens and grabs your dick just like how the mouth does during oral sex.

Beyond the tight space is a wider area that makes you feel like sliding faster. You can feel the warmth through the whole penis from top to base. If you thrust hard, your glans is wrapped and experiences a sucking feeling. As you release, you can really experience the dick sucking. The feels like a sensual penis massage, which is exciting.

It really feels different as it allows the penis to slight more easily and offers more delicate message. The added speed offered by the suction make it feel like have thrusting sex. It retains warmed for over 10 minutes, which ensure pleasure for a longer time. Once you are done with the tool, make sure that you rinse the internal sleeve as well as the case in the sink. Then, leave it to dry in a well-ventilated area.

The difference between Black Flight and White Flight:

The Fleshlight Flight is available in black and white colors, and everyone can easy sing the right texture he wants. Each color offers a different experience as it includes unique textures inside them. The black offers a more intense texture as compared to white. The black one features wider sleeves known as a pilot texture while the white flight offers a delicate structure called Instructor Texture. The two textures are mean to offer different sensation and having both will allow you to have a richer sexual experience as you will use them alternatively.

The pilot texture offered by the Black flight are designed to have variegated and intense sensations and involve sliding through a series of soft bumps, smooth ribs, and delicate fingers. Its width changes as you slide inside, giving an unexpected wild ride.

On the other hand, the Instructor texture offered by the White Fleshlight is more similar to that offered by a Training Unit and beside the fact that it is a great pleasure tool, it can serve as a training partner. It features soft ribbons texture that generates intense pleasure as well wonderful sensations.

Whatever the color you choose, the Fleshlight comes with course instructions on how to use and maintain the male masturbation tool. Its aerodynamic design, light weight, small size and the discreet orifice is that make it perfect masturbator for trips and coffee breaks.