We live in times when you are able to find any sex toys imaginable and experiment with them either on your own or with your partner to spice up your sex life. When it comes to male toys, the options range from prostate massagers to fleshlights, and more. This time I decided to review an interesting masturbator for men, which is called Cobra Libre. It is quite different from many other toys that you can purchase, and here you will be able to find out how to use it.


First impressions

Trying new toys can be both exciting and also slightly daunting, as you don’t know what to expect and how to approach your purchase to get the best sensations. With Cobra Libre, I quickly realized that you need to have an open mind and try it out several times before you can form an opinion. But, let’s start from the very beginning.

As always, the first thing that I will mention is the packaging. It would have been quite disappointed if the toy arrived not packaged properly, but everything was completely fine and discreet so that no one can find out what I ordered. Inside the box, I found an actual sex toy and a magnetic charger with the USB port. The purpose of the magnetic charger is to ensure that this device is waterproof, which would be a lot more difficult to accomplish if it had a socket. I would also recommend you to invest in a nice pouch to keep the device in, as storing it in the box may not be the most convenient option.

cobra-libre-packaging-external cobra-libre-magnetic-charger

In addition to the charger and the toy, you also get some instructions that are not particularly useful. They give you a basic understanding of how the masturbator works, but I wish they would go into more details. For instance, different vibration modes offered by this toy could definitely be described, so that it’s easier to remember which ones you prefer.

Before ordering this Cobra Libre vibrator I looked up some reviews online so I already had quite a clear understanding of how it looks and its approximate dimensions. As I expected, it is quite short, about 3 inches deep, which makes sense when you know how it was intended to be used. It looks quite nice with its red and black colors and sleeve-type design. As opposed to some other masturbators, this one is not really designed for thrusting and actively rocking it back and forth, which leads to quite a unique experience. It offers you sixteen vibration modes that you can easily switch between to experience different types of stimulation. It is definitely quite a lot, especially when you compare this toy with some other vibrators that offer about three vibration modes.


The part where you have to insert the penis is made from silicone and it feels extremely smooth, soft, and velvety, which is just what you want. On the device, you will see three buttons to control the Cobra stimulator. The button located horizontally is used for turning your device on and off while two vertical buttons are designed for choosing between different vibrations. It should be noted that you have to hold the switch-on button for a couple of seconds for it to work. When you turn on your sex toy, it will begin to vibrate straight away, but you can press the right or left touch screen button to change the vibration modes. As you can see, the user experience is as straightforward as it gets, so you definitely won’t have any problems when using this toy for the first time.

Also, just by holding it in my hands before using I could tell that it is a device of quite a decent quality, so I expect to use it for a long time. The package claims that the toy has been made in Germany, which is definitely a good sign. Overall, my first impression is that it’s definitely an interesting product that I’m excited to test out.

Cobra Libre in Use

Now it’s time to tell you about my personal experience with this toy, as I definitely took some time to explore my options. Once I inserted my penis and switched on the device it didn’t take a long time for me to get an erection thanks to the pleasant vibrations that Cobra Libre provides. I decided to try all the different vibration modes in one go so I can choose which ones work best for me, even though it’s quite difficult to remember as there are sixteen of them. The initial impression that I got was that the entire experience was arousing but in a more relaxed way, not as intense as you would get from thrusting. I used the device lying on my back and letting it rest on my stomach and simply pressed the button to switch between the vibrations whenever I felt like it. I found a vibration mode that felt quite slow and deep, and that’s the one that felt very similar to a blowjob and made me have an intense orgasm.


I can definitely say that how much you enjoy this masturbator largely depends on you finding the right position and vibrations that work, which means that you have to spend some time experimenting. I would recommend using plenty of lube and just exploring the sensations whenever you switch on the new mode. I good idea is to also use the toy while sitting or standing as it may help you find the right position.

Clean-up and Maintenance

As it was mentioned previously in this male masturbator review, the toy is waterproof which equals easy cleaning. All you should do is wash the inner part of the device in a sink with some water and mild soap and it’s ready to be used again safely. You should definitely rinse the stimulator before using it the first time as you never know where it has been before it was delivered to you.

As this toy is made from silicone, it’s important that you use only water-based lube because the silicone one will interact with the material of the toy and destroy it over time, making the product impossible to use. Besides cleaning it after the use and choosing the right lubricant, you should keep it in a storage box or pouch so that the dust doesn’t get accumulated in the inner part of the toy. Other than that, you don’t need to do anything special to keep it in a working condition.


Who can use this toy?

There are a lot of male toys out there that cannot be considered beginner-friendly, which is especially relevant for large prostate massagers. In this case, Fun Factory Cobra Libre is undoubtedly a perfect choice for anyone as it’s easy to use and isn’t too extreme to make it uncomfortable for anyone. Whether you consider purchasing it as your first toy or you simply want to expand your collection, it is one of those devices that will work for anyone, but it all depends on which sensations you are after and how you plan to use it.


  • High-quality construction
  • Velvety and smooth silicone material
  • Straightforward navigation using three buttons
  • 16 vibration modes to choose from
  • Easy cleaning
  • Waterproof


  • May not be the toy for some men who prefer thrusting action


Cobra Libre Summary

My experience with the toy has been great, but I can see why some people may not find it as exciting. It is one of those devices that work perfectly for some people and not for others. In my opinion, it offers a lot of variety when it comes to vibrations, which means that there is a good chance you can find the one you will enjoy. But, it may take some time and experiments to find the right position and vibrations. If you find your fleshlight quite boring and are looking for an effective vibrator, then it is a good idea to take Cobra Libre into consideration.