Lovehoney, one of the leading toy manufacturers in the world, has released a new toy especially for men. This new toy is designed to revolutionize how a man pleasures himself. Lovehunny’s patent-pending male masturbator is officially called Blewit sex toy. If you are interested to know more about this wonderful product from Lovehoney, then stick around as this article is going to be an in-depth Blewit Review.

First of all, you should know that Blewit Pleasure is exclusively available from Lovehoney, and nowhere else. It’s not a big issue as Lovehoney is a reputable distributor of various sex toys.

At its core, Blewit is a male masturbator toy. It works similar to Fleshlight, but that’s only on the core level. Blewit brings a lot to the table that it’s truly a revolutionary product (more on this later).

Why Would You Need A Male Masturbator?

There are two major answers to this question. First, you simply want something to further enhance your masturbation experience. The another big reason is that Blewit can serve as a training tool.

There are a lot of men out there who are “too excited” when it comes to intercourse, which leads them to “finishing” too early. This would be undesirable for your partner, and may even bring frustration if it happens continuously.

With Blewit masturbator, you can do your training to help you last longer in bed and also increase your stamina.

Blewit Design

Blewit’s revolutionary design can be subdivided into two major sections – the soft inner masturbator and the outer casing.

The outer casing possesses something that is unique. Most male sex toys advertise too much, saying “I’m a sex toy”. With Blewit’s blue-colored and spiraling design, it looks like it is a contemporary sculptor decor rather than a masturbator. This is a very big plus if you want to be discreet with your sex toys. However, the casing is not designed only for aesthetic purposes.

The actual shape and twisting form are designed to be ergonomic for the hands. It’s great for both left-handers and right-handers.

At the top portion of the toy is a cap which plays a very important role. With the cap, you have the ability to control the suction level of the toy. Hence, you have a wider range of sensation. At the bottom is also another larger cap.

You need to twist the cap to open it. This is where the “main entrance” for the sex toy. The great thing about Blewit is that it comes with two plastic rings that fit around the “main entrance”. The rings come in tight and extra tight, and it’s a way you can adjust your preferred working size.

If you may have noticed by now, Blewit has two two holes. The main entrance on the bottom and one on the top. Each hole plays a role. However, the two holes are also designed to create a ventilation system so you can easily wash the toy and allow it to air dry.

The main internal parts of Blewit consists of realistic-feel material. It’s porous and the texture is just right. It’s nice and squidgy, as well as being smooth and soft. This kind of texture is what separates from Blewit from other male masturbator toys.

Keep in mind that this internal realistic-feel material must be kept soft at all times. This means that you will need to sprinkle a dedicated renewal powder or cornstarch regularly. Thankfully, Blewit comes with a powdering cup that allows the tasks to be easy as a breeze. Blewit is also very vocal in the user’s manual in stating that you should never use a talc-based powder. It’s not really healthy for your penis and it can damage the internal structure of the toy.

How To Use Blewit

Using Blewit is pretty easy, simple and straightforward. You only need to open the bottom cap to expose the “main entrance”. Then, you can adjust the top valve and/or the rings to suit your pleasure preference.

From there, you simply need to grab the entire sex toy by the hand, which is very nice because of the ergonomic design. Every male knows what to do from there.

Blewit’s Flaws

Not all product are perfect and that includes Blewit. The biggest issue with Blewit is the fact that the inner sleeves can’t be removed. Truth be told, it’s rather a minor issue rather than a glaring problem. This is because it has nothing to do with Blewit’s performance (which is very climactic by the way), but in terms of the cleaning.

The same reason why Blewit is really good at delivering unbelievable pleasure is also the same reason why cleaning is a bit of annoyance. Since you can’t remove the inner sleeve, you will have to clean the entire thing. Thankfully, this is easily done in a tub or in a large sink.

Another issue that if you are not careful, the inner sleeve may not thoroughly dry. Even though the ventilation system works well in theory; but in real-life it’s not a cut and dry tasks. When drying, you will have to properly place your Blewit toy in a dry and airy place to ensure that the inner sleeve dries out thoroughly. Washing and simply leaving it in a drawer is not enough to dry the insides.

However, this is not really a big problem if you are a regular user of Blewit. If you just use Blewit, say once in 2 days, then you will have to do proper drying procedures.

Another possible issue that some users reported is the “whishing” sound coming from the top valve when using Blewit. But, this is more of a preference rather than a big issue.
Bottom Line

When it comes to performance, there is nothing out there that can match the Blewit. The design is also gorgeous and discreet. This is not a simple tube in which you simply stick your “friend” in. This is clearly a product that is thoroughly designed, loaded with features that give you a great degree of control when it comes to the sensation. Despite its minor issues, like cleaning difficulties and wooshing sound, it’s a product that is definitely worth trying if you are looking for ways to further enhance your male masturbation pleasure.