Choosing the best sex doll for your personal, erotic pleasures.

It is not difficult to choose the best sex doll for your need. All you need to know is the variety of sex dolls available in the market, their prices and how good they are in terms of satisfying your personal needs. However, before settling on the final decision, it is good for you to choose that sex doll which does not strain your pocket while still ensuring it is good in satisfying your need.

Below are the best types in the market for your budget. They might not be the best quality available but rather good enough for your affordability.

First, it is good to know why it is important to have a sex doll.

It is good when you need to change from other types of sex satisfaction such as vanilla masturbation, or rather, when it is time to change from the old, monotonous ways. Love dolls are different in size which are available either in partial or adult size. It is hence good to get the information as described below so that in case you have the intention to use it or rather want to change to a new way of doing things, then it will be of help to you.

The introduction.

Sex dolls, unlike vibrators, prostate massagers and masturbators which are quite popular, have not gotten much attention when it comes to adult toys. It is of great use and help that this information covers the gap of lack of enough, factual and resourceful information in the web about sex dolls. This guide will help in dispelling the myths associated with these toys. It is unfortunate that some people view them as a taboo or rather unethical in a manner that those who use them are isolated and seen as unworthy, while been called all types of names such as perverts and freaks.

1. What exactly is a sex doll?

First, it is much important to know what is meant by a sex doll. This is a type of a sex toy which plays the role of a female partner to simulate sexual desires. They are designed for masturbation by men. Its purpose is to fulfill the sexual desires without all the efforts required from a female partner. They come in different designs, shape and size depending on what you feel good for you. The dolls, which are made of either a metal or a PVC, can either be a body part; usually the part in the pelvic region to represent a woman’s vagina and anus. Also, it can be a whole doll with a head, arms and legs just as a normal human being.

The limitation comes in when it comes to the cost of each toy. The one you purchase will depend on the amount of money you have or rather how much you are willing to give in exchange. Dolls with full body parts are more expensive, hence, if you need to spare cash for other important things, then consider the partial dolls with only one or two body parts. The best high quality dolls are the ones with vibrating or removable body parts. This is because they easy to clean and maintain. In addition, those with worn dolls can buy the worn out parts and replace them as well which is much cheaper easy than buying the whole thing again.

It should be known that a sex doll cannot fully function to your satisfaction as it were with a real partner. Hence, if you need much better and exciting experiences, consider a real female partner who will blow your feeling out of this world.

2. Should you use one?

Many people have used it and have really gave positive reports about them. So, it will not be for the first time that a sex doll is being used.

Who really should use one?

No limitations of who should or should not use it. It only needs you to be comfortable with it while minding less about what people say about it. The best situations that are good enough to use it can be:

1. For a recently divorced person who is not ready for a woman any time soon. Though it might be expensive, it is not as when compared to the money spend taking your woman out for a date and you spend thousands of dollars for the first few dates. In addition, sex is guaranteed with a sex doll unlike with a woman who can decide to disappoint you after few days of going out.

2. Also, those busy men who find no time to date a woman.

Then who should not use one?

A dedicated husband who loves and enjoys sex with his partner should not spoil the soup by trying this. Or, a man who has loving and caring girlfriend jealous to the point of breakup if she realizes you use a doll for sex satisfaction while she is ready for you any time you feel horny.

3. The following are my favorite best sex dolls:

  1. One of my high end sex doll is best sex doll with a full torso, which include; boobs, ass and vagina.
  2. One with the upper torso; boobs only.
  3. One with the best lower torso, which are; ass and vagina.
  4. One with the best face or head containing the mouth only.

All of the above are found at affordable prices with other types such as vibrators, prostrate toys, dildos, and masturbators at Amazon.

Below are some of the sex doll reviews:

Pipedream Products Extreme Fuck Me Silly Slut.

This is 27 inches in length love doll with 15 inches across its hip area. It is made from a Fantaflesh material with a soft front and back, weighing 25 lbs. This makes it feel natural with its hips and spine areas that gives the user a good grip. It has a 36DD breasts, with two openings; the vagina and the anus which enable it to be used for both missionary and doggy style. In addition, it is easy to clean by not submerging it in water and remember to flush it after use.

Pipedream Extreme: Fuck My Big Fat Titties

With 36 DD, bouncy and jiggle like boobs, with a weight of about 20 pounds, it is good for those guys who love boobs since it is made only of the upper torso.

Pipedream Extreme Mega Masturbator: Fuck Me Silly.

This type is made of the lower torso, with a soft and big ass, easy to clean as the ass and vagina are connected making it easy to clean with one flush. It is relatively cheaper and one of the most affordable sex doll which comes in different versions; the black and white toy. It also should not be submerged in water.

Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Face Blonde.

It is made of FantaFlesh material with good fluttering eyelids, a tunnel with an exit on the backside and a decent quality hair. It is good for the blow job kind of guys.

4. Buy well-constructed with quality materials.

Silicone materials have a good almost natural feeling and are easy to clean. They also save you from skin allergies such as irritation and rashes.

5. Always use a water based lubricant to clean and lubricate the love doll.

The materials used to make these toys such as silicone, rubber and vinyl react with oil lubricants. They tend to peel away the upper material. Just use water based for cleaning your doll to save yourself from all these troubles.

6. Maintenance and cleanliness of the sex doll.

Always clean the doll with warm water and soap after use. You can also use a disinfectant and a corn starch to keep the doll soft and smooth since after a few times of washing it may start feeling rough and sticky as well. Remember also to follow the instructions from the manual in order to keep it clean and looking new as you bought it.

7. Warm your doll to enhance pleasure.

It is always a good feeling to slide your penis on a warm vagina. Hence, make sure to warm it minutes before use probably 30 minutes. You can use an electric blanket for the warming job.

8. What makes a sex doll awesome?

  • No extra expenses after purchasing it.
  • There are no risks of contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
  • There are no expectations from your side to do any satisfying job for them.
  • They are always available whenever you need them.

9. How are these sex dolls made?

No doubt of the high costs associated with them. This is due to the time spend, effort put and the expensive materials used to make a single doll.