Your Ultimate Guide To Male Prostate Massagers

If you have any questions regarding male prostate massagers you have come to the right place. Check out this detail-rich article for keys to hidden pleasure.  

The #1 Complete Guide To Stunning Male Prostate Massagers

Your prostate massager is an important element of an engaging, intriguing sex experience. Especially if you are a guy! Choosing one that’s ultimately superior to other devices is a complex task, especially for those of us with somewhat less experience in the field of sophisticated, arousing pleasures.

I’ve been a newbie with prostate massage masturbation myself back in the day so I know how daunting the choice of a decent device can get from first hand. Heck, my first Google check has discouraged me for several weeks. Tons of websites offered massagers of all shapes and sizes including anatomically realistic reproductions of a horse penis. Wow, that was too much and I got scared.

Luckily I’ve made myself a promise and I gave this way of masturbation a try. And here I am now – happy with my sex life like never before. Some of the choices I made did now work out and I don’t want anyone to repeat these mistakes. Thus this very post was born – the complete guide to male prostate massagers, toys capable of ensuing unforgettable orgasms!

prostate masturbator -lamourose-rosa-rogue-reviewBest prostate massager lelo-loki-review

Disclaimer: a massager works for any one!

Your sexual orientation has no direct relation to the matter at hand. Straight guys as well as gay or bisexual people can enjoy the delight equally. Having a prostate is actually all the massage takes. If you enjoy arousing sexual pleasure and unforgettable orgasms – count yourself in.

I myself am a fine example. I’m in a really long relationship with Sally, my girlfriend, and we both enjoy playing it a bit kinky in the bedroom. One of my dear friends is happily married today after a near divorce situation. More passionate sex with enough room for experiments has actually saved a marriage. Perhaps more than one, but I only know my friend’s story.

Here’s what I’ll cover

Feel free to call this section a table of contents or in any other way you please. The following list will contain the topics that are covered in my #1 complete guide to stunning male prostate massagers.

  • First steps and hard choices.
  • Masturbator types.
  • Available sizes.
  • Best materials for a prostate massager.
  • Price tags for kinky devices.
  • Best places for purchase.
  • Experience-backed recommendations.
  • Extra info.

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First steps and hard choices

Let’s get this party started, shall we? I have covered everything a beginner might need in this article, so, if you are new to the world of prostate massagers, do read everything below. There will be a lot of handy tips, tricks and best practices here. The choice you make might blossom a new spark for upcoming pleasures or break the picture as if it was a house of cards in windy weather.

Here’s what you definitely need to know before the purchase: a perfect masturbator is a myth. These types of things are highly individual and should be chosen with respect to one’s preferences and/or capabilities. I have had a lot of fun with the good old Aneros Helix Syn back in the day, while the friend I mentioned earlier hated that thing.

All in all, we are here to make you happy. You are the one to experience an amazing orgasm with a brand new toy. You are now officially ready for the journey. Don’t forget the lube!

Types of prostate massagers

All in all, if we are to neglect some of the most perverted versions of massagers beginners should not even look at, there are three basic kinds of devices for guys: e-stim, standard and vibrating. Let’s have a look on each of the types separately.

Vibrating treats

This kind is superior to other types if you ask me. Pretty much like your girlfriend’s G-Spot vibrator the only difference lies in the shape. Toys for men are designed for men. In simple words these bad boys will massage your prostate gland as if it’s their only way of survival. Most of these charmers are powered with separate batteries, but there are chargeable options.

Here are several of my favorite ones, just to name a few:

  • Lelo Loki Wave.
  • Lelo Hugo.
  • Lelo Billy.
  • Lelo Loki.
  • Aneros Vice – this one does real magic to my prostate;
  • L’Amourose Rosa Rogue – My first vibrating masturbator that’s still used really often.

Simple treats

This section is entirely about the standard type of massagers – those charming fellers that do not vibrate. Most of the devices in this category work extremely well though, as manufactures have no way to compete in the market but to invest in anatomical design. In simple words – these simple devices are built to stimulate your prostate naturally. The G-spot is their second home.


  • Njoy Pure Wand.
  • Aneros Progasm.
  • Aneros Helix Syn – best choice for a newbie.
  • Tantus P-Spot Dildo.


This is the risky choice for more experienced players. In general, these devices work by stimulating the prostate gland with weak electric shocks. In simple words they zap your butt hole. I don’t own any of these, so I can’t really tell you more.

One size does not fit all

If you are a beginner it’s better to start small. Choose tiny length and diameter of the toy to get a hang of it before proceeding to something more drastic. Sticking something big while not used to the feel will be, well, uncomfortable to say the least. I recommend going for the 1.25 inch Aneros Helix Syn.

If you are already fond with countless experiences, the 2 inc extreme models like Njoy Pure Wand should do the trick.


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The wider majority of massager manufactures prefer sticking to:

  • Plastic: While hard and not flexible enough this material is rather durable and inexpensive. Your skin won’t be feeling as much tactile pleasure though.
  • Silicone: Luxurious is the perfect word to describe masturbators made of silicone. The material does not cause allergies, feels nice and is easily maintainable. And yet devices made of it usually cost a bit more.
  • Stainless steel: Your perfect friend and companion for when you need the thing done. Rough and dirty is the way you like it? Go for some steel. Do note that this choice works better with professionals.
  • Glass: If looks are more important to you than the feel – go for glass. These kinds of devices come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They are easily maintainable and do not cause allergies. Watch out for cracks though as you probably don’t feel like explaining why glass causes bleeding up there to your doctor.

Do note that phthalate is a terrible choice. Avoid all devices containing it at all cost!

Price tags

What can I say here? Price tags usually vary from as little as $10 and up to $300. Do note that investing in a no-name massager for something less than thirty bucks can lead to an unpleasant outcome from allergies to injuries.

If you are willing to give yourself a treat – spend some cash. You don’t have to go foe the more expensive models though. $50-100 should do it.

Best places for purchase

The safest and most private way of sex toy shopping lies in the world of online stores. Amazon has some amazing deals for these kinds of things. Don’t be afraid of putting your detective hat though. Do your research, check comments and reviews before purchasing a brand new prostate massager.

Do not that premium versions of masturbators (the more expensive ones) may not come in one pack with warranty if you are purchasing the product from a third-party dealer.

Experience-backed recommendations

I am a fan of a more personalized approach in sex. Go for what you feel like and only take the following tips as a guiding light, not a direct recommendation.

Best models for you

  • Newbie – go for Anerox Helix Syn or give Lelo Billy a try.
  • The kinky guy – Njoy Pure Wand can help with really stunning orgasms but requires higher levels of sophistication. Aneros Vice is also nice.
  • The pro – if you’ve tried everything out and the world seems empty again – give the Tantus P-Spot or Leo Wave a shot.

Additional info: the FAQ

Why are men looking for prostate massagers?

  • Medical reasoning;
  • New ways of sexual satisfaction.

Where’s my G-Spot?

  • Near the rectum, about 2.5 inches deep. It’s best to start your day one experience with fingering. If you’ll love the feel – invest in a massager.

Why should I do it?

  • You don’t. You don’t have to play around with male prostate massagers unless you don’t feel like it. These devices are just sex toys like handcuffs or slutty nurse costumes. It is true however that stimulation of the prostate can make any orgasm insanely colorful.

What else can I say?

  • Just give it a try. Start small and you’ll be cumming like a mammoth in a heartbeat!