Aneros is a reputable company which is well-known for its high-quality sex toys for men. There is a variety of options for you to choose from, so you can find something for yourself whether you are an expert at using sex toys or only have the vaguest idea about what is an Aneros product and what is it supposed to do. The “hero” of this review is the Aneros Progasm Ice – a small package that delivers mind-blowing orgasms.


First Impressions

I guess all of us are a little bit concerned about our privacy when we order a sex toy like the Aneros Progasm Ice, but fortunately, Aneros has got us covered here. The toy is shipped in a rather generic carton box, and even the name of the sender is unlikely to give nosy neighbors or delivery people any idea of what’s inside. The contents of the box are reserved for you to explore and enjoy.


Inside the box, you’ll find another one, but this time it will have the Aneros logo on it, as well as a picture of the Aneros Progasm Ice itself. The packaging could’ve been sturdier, but even as it was, the toy still arrived at my home safe and intact, so I got nothing to complain about. Once you open the box, you’ll find the Progasm Ice seated in a molded plastic bed, and a little pamphlet to go with the toy. It contains a bit of information about Aneros and prostate massagers in general. It also explains how to use Aneros Progasm Ice, but I found that it didn’t go into detail enough, which might be an issue with new users. Admittedly, the Progasm Ice is a toy for advanced users, so maybe Aneros just assumed that we’d all have a good idea what to do with this exact toy. Should you have any questions about the Aneros Progasm Ice, you can write an e-mail to the company or use the official Aneros forum, where your question is likely to be answered by helpful users pretty soon.


By the way, if you’re new to Aneros prostate massagers (and male sex toys in general), you’ll probably be better off with a different Aneros toy. Check out their product line and find a prostate massager suitable for beginners, so that you feel more at ease with it and don’t get the wrong impression of prostate massagers.

The toy itself looks and feels like a safe, high-quality product. It is made of medical-grade plastic, so you can be sure that it won’t cause any allergies or inflammations. Progasm Ice is available not only in black, but also in red and clear color options, but I still opted for the “classy” black color. I must say I wasn’t disappointed when I first glanced at my new toy, and I like it even more now. The black glossy plastic looks great, and its texture was designed to feel like glass. Granted, it doesn’t deliver the exactly same sensations as a glass toy, but it is a lot safer to use, and it will likely last you longer, so that’s not much of a sacrifice to make.


In Use

If you’re a beginner who for some reason ended up with a Progasm Ice toy, your best bet is just laying on your side, relaxing and carefully sliding the toy in, “listening” for your body’s responses. Remember to use a lot of lube with the massager, because otherwise, you’ll be up to some rather unpleasant insertion. Also, bear in mind that the toy becomes pretty slippery when you cover it up with lube, so better be careful. First time I used the Progasm ice, I had it slip it out of my hand at least several times, and that’s not something you want to happen during insertion. Given this tendency, I was surprised that once the Progasm Ice was in, it stayed put and didn’t seem to be prone to slipping out or changing its position (unless I wanted it to).
Speaking of manipulating the Progasm Ice once it’s in, I must say it’s quite a pleasurable experience. if you’re a more or less advanced user and are familiar with the Aneros techniques and moves that can add to the pleasure of having your prostate massaged, you can try applying them as soon as you get the toy to slide into its place. If you go to the Aneros website for use instructions, you will find that the manufacturer recommends letting go of the toy once it’s slid into place and letting your muscles do the rest of the job. However, there is more to Progasm Ice than doing just that, and you can explore the toy’s full potential for yourself. Remember to be careful, and if you don’t like the sensations you get, better let go of the toy and use it the “conventional” way. You’ll definitely like the experience, thanks to the smart design which takes into account the particularities of male anatomy, and also to the P-Tab, which stimulates the perineum when the toy is in.

detail-progasm-back detail-progasm-front

Basically, any Aneros Progasm prostate massager can be used both for a one-man act and as a fun addition to sex with a partner, and the Progasm Ice is no exception to that rule. I’d recommend first using it on your own so that you can become familiar with the feel of the toy and the sensations it delivers. Once you’re comfortable with it, you can go on to use it with a partner. The options here are limitless: from using the Progasm Ice to spice up the foreplay to actually having it in during sex, and for the more adventurous individuals, maybe even to walking around with the toy in place. As far as I could judge, it can be hidden under loose pants quite effectively, so that’s something to consider if you’d like to take your game with the Aneros Progasm Ice to the next level.


Clean-Up and Maintenance

As I have already mentioned before, the Progasm Ice toy is made of high-quality medical-grade plastic, so it is completely safe for the body. Maintaining the massager is very easy: just wash it in warm soapy water after each use.



  • Delivers great sensations
  • Made of medical-grade plastic
  • Can be used both alone and with a partner
  • The P-Tab adds some additional stimulation for the perineum
  • Slides in relatively easily despite the impressive size
  • Easy to maintain



  • Feels a little slippery in the hands
  • Generally not suitable for beginners
  • Might be a bit on the expensive side (largely depending on where you live and when you buy)



I didn’t really hesitate long before ordering Progasm Ice, partly because I had a great experience with other Aneros products, and partly because I failed to find a negative Aneros Progasm review online. I wasn’t disappointed, and I’m glad that the Progasm Ice is now part of my growing toys collection. What more can I say? Go on and try it for yourself, I’m sure you’ll like the sensations (just go for something more beginner-friendly for your first prostate massager).