Are you after a brand new prostate massager? Then you have come to the right place, as I have already made several Aneros reviews, and now it’s time to tell you about Helix Syn. It is one of those prostate toys that I heard about quite a lot and finally got an opportunity to try it for myself, and I’m ready to tell you about my personal experience. In this Aneros guide, you will learn how to approach using this prostate toy, best Aneros techniques, and how to take care of it so that it lasts you for a long time.

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First Impressions

The first thing I noticed about the Aneros Helix Syn massager is its interesting design featuring black and red colors, which make it look quite cool and sexy. The prostate toy has quite an elongated head, as opposed to some other options that are quite wide and bulbous and more suitable for experienced users. This stimulator is absolutely perfect for beginners, as it doesn’t look intimidating and you can slide it in a lot easier.

Another thing that should be mentioned about this device is its size. While the total length is 5 inches, you will only be able to insert about 4 inches, which is not a lot, but it really depends on your preferences. When it comes to the prostate toys that are not vibrators, I prefer them to be slightly longer for more stimulation and freedom of movement, so this one is on the shorter side for me. The maximum width of this massager is 1 inch while the very tip of the head is less wide making it more comfortable to insert.

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The silicone material of this Aneros toy is extremely luxurious and smooth to the touch without any rough patches, which is incredibly important because the area where it is used is very sensitive. What is interesting is that this stimulator is made of the hard plastic and covered with a thick layer of silicone, which means that it’s quite sturdy and not flexible. Thanks to such construction, it won’t lose its shape even if you use it on a regular basis.

At the bottom of the Aneros anal massager, there are two tabs that play several different roles. Firstly, just like the flared end on other toys, they ensure that the device doesn’t get “lost” in the anal cavity, even though it’s quite unlikely because of how it is shaped. Secondly, one of the tabs is designed to provide external stimulation to the perineum (the black one) while the other acts like a handle to take the toy out when you’re finished (the red one).


Overall, this prostate stimulator has everything you need, and it’s only a matter of finding the best way to use it to reach the famous Super O.

Aneros Helix Syn in Use

As I said before, it is one of those prostate devices that can be used by those men who have never used any dildos or vibrators before. If you’re one of such people and you wonder how to use Aneros Helix Syn, the process is quite straightforward. The first thing you will need is a generous amount of lubricant. It’s important that you use this type of lube, as the device is coated with silicone, which means that you can’t use a silicone-based option.

Once you have generously covered the shaft of the toy and your anus in lube, you can start inserting it, but you have to do it slowly and paying attention to your sensations. I find it the most comfortable to insert the stimulator while lying on the side, as it allows me to relax the most, but you may find that a different position works better. If you feel especially tight and it’s difficult for you to relax, you can use your finger or a smaller dildo before moving on to the stimulator. There are no extraordinary Aneros instructions to follow, but you should make sure that the tilted head of the device is pointed towards your navel so that you hit the prostate. When you get past the widest part of the massager, the rest of the shaft will automatically slide in without any problems, and you will be able to enjoy new sensations.

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When it comes to my experience with Helix Syn, I got fantastically pleasurable sensations while using it but couldn’t really reach an orgasm the first three times I used it. It’s nothing new as it often takes some time to figure out the most effective way to use the prostate massager, as it is different for each model. Because I’m used to bigger prostate toys, it took me some time to adjust to this one, but once I did, the orgasm was as great as it gets. I still prefer it to be slightly longer, but it is an excellent toy nonetheless, especially if you’re just starting out.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The clean-up of this prostate massager is extremely simple. All you have to do is wash it properly using warm water and soap, preferably antibacterial one to ensure that it is as clean as it can be. Because there are no batteries, you don’t have to worry about taking them out before washing, which makes it even easier to clean. This process should be repeated after every time you use your sex toy. Furthermore, remember that the storage is also something you have to take care of, as you can’t just leave it anywhere. Keep you Aneros Helix Syn in a pouch or a box away from the direct sunlight and heat so that these factors don’t affect the silicone material.



  • Interesting design and color
  • Quality hypoallergenic and phthalate-free silicone material
  • Comfortable medium size, which is perfect for beginners
  • It doesn’t move around once inserted
  • It has two tabs that ensure safe use


  • May seem too short for advanced users that prefer bigger prostate toys

Summary of Aneros Helix Syn


Aneros Helix Syn is quite a popular prostate stimulator among men, and it’s not surprising as it is a high-quality toy that will definitely last you a long time if you take a proper care of it. The silicone material ensures that the toy feels amazing, as it is extremely smooth and velvety. The design of this prostate massager featuring an elongated head in combination with its comfortable dimensions makes it an amazing choice for those who are completely new to the world of prostate sex toys. I definitely think that this device is worth its price if you’re looking for a durable medium-sized stimulator that looks and feels great.