Aneros is undeniably one of the leaders among the companies producing prostate massagers as it offers a large variety of high-quality sex toys for men who enjoy anal play. Thanks to how many options the company delivers, you can certainly get something that will help you achieve the famous Super O. Having tried and enjoyed several prostate massagers from this company, I decided to make an Aneros DeVice review, which is quite a popular toy among men.


First Impressions

Because Aneros has been around for a while, they definitely understand the value of discreetness. Not a lot of people want others to see what they have ordered and feel awkward about it, which is why the toys are packaged in a way that you can’t see what’s inside. Once you open the package, you will find a basic black and red box with a toy placed in a plastic container. If you don’t plan on using this massager often, you can definitely keep it in the box, but it’s not very convenient for taking it out and putting away on a regular basis. For this reason, you should probably buy a pouch for your Aneros DeVice.

As opposed to the Vice model, this toy is not an Aneros vibrator, which means that it’s particularly easy and convenient to use, as you don’t even need to buy batteries or take the bullet out to wash it. The prostate massager has a standard angled shape and bulbous head that is designed specifically for applying the pressure on your prostate gland. The dimensions of this sex toy are:

  • Insertable length – about 4 inches
  • Tip width – about 1.3 inches
  • Total length – 4.9 inches

When it comes to the Aneros prostate massager materials, it is made from hypoallergenic medical grade silicone that is extremely nice and velvety the touch. Because the toy is made completely from silicone and doesn’t have a vibrating bullet inside, it is not too rigid, which offers even more pleasurable sensations. Other features of this particular device include two tabs at the bottom that prevent the toy from getting lost and provide external stimulation. In this model, the tabs are wide enough so that they don’t feel uncomfortable if you want to use this toy while in a sitting position.


The company promotes this stimulator as the one for advanced users, and I will have to agree with that, but if you are a determined beginner and you use a lot of lube, you may find that it works for you just fine. Overall, this model is quite in line with other alternatives from Aneros, so it all depends on your particular preferences.

Aneros DeVice in Use

As someone who has tried quite a lot of prostate stimulators, this one was not difficult to handle, but I can imagine that a beginner may find its head to wide to insert without problems. If you’re not sure how to approach this toy, the Aneros technique I would recommend is lying on your side or on the back and generously coating the stimulator in the lube of your choice. It’s always better to apply what may seem like too much than not to use enough. A good idea would be to relax your body with a finger or a thinner dildo if you have one.

When it comes to my experience using this toy, there was nothing particularly surprising about it, as I already knew that this kind of shape works for me quite well. My Aneros masturbation experience was more than pleasurable and I especially enjoyed how flexible this model is, as could definitely feel it adjust to my body. I was lucky to achieve an intense orgasm the first time I used it, which is probably because I was already quite familiar with the shape. It may take you more than one attempt to climax, but I assure you that it’s absolutely worth it.


Also, I really like how this toy pops into place and stays there so you can focus on your sensations and don’t have to think about holding your device. At the same time, if you’re someone who enjoys rocking a dildo back and forth, this model won’t offer you a lot of freedom of movement, as it simply not long enough for that.

Clean-up and Maintenance

You should never underestimate the important of cleaning your prostate massagers as getting an infection is easier than you may think if you don’t take a proper care of your sex toys. According to the Aneros tips, you can wash this stimulator in warm water using mild or antibacterial soap and this will be enough to make it ready for using. You should make sure to wash the device after each time you use so that it’s clean when you want to use it again. An important part of the maintenance process is using water-based lubricants, as the silicone options will interact with the silicone material of the toy and damage it over time.



  • Sexy design and color
  • Made from hypoallergenic silicone
  • Has a decent width suitable for experienced users
  • Is intended for hands-free use
  • Has two tabs at the bottom for external stimulation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Doesn’t require batteries


  • Too short for moving it back and forth

Summary of Aneros DeVice

This Aneros hands free dildo is rightly considered a great purchase for anyone looking for a high-quality prostate stimulator that is both simple and effective. Its signature shape works wonders for hitting a prostate and allows the massager to stay in place, which means that you are able to focus on pleasuring yourself or your partner. It’s not surprising that this model is quite popular among men who like anal stimulation, so if you are in search of a new dildo that you can insert and enjoy hands-free, you should definitely consider this one.