Amazingly Hot Sex Toys That Revolutionized Masturbation And Can Change Your Life Forever!

Male masturbation is no longer a matter of hands alone. Progress has revolutionized countless industries and sex toys are not an exception. Keep reading! 6 Stunning Male Sex Toys You Need To Get A Hold Of Right Now! Ok, seriously, jacking off is not rocket science. You can do it with your hand and some baby oil. Or you can do it with style! There is a plethora of available choices on the market. Male masturbators have advanced beyond recognition to ensure that even the kinkiest of your needs are taken care of. However there is a downside to variety. How can anyone choose a single fulfilling device from the ocean of offers? Especially given the field where a poor decision costs money while not bringing any pleasure. Some of the cheaper masturbators can even cause painful feelings. To make the long story short – it’s your penis we are talking about. You are to choose something that fits like a glove. That’s why this review is here to save the day and rock your world.

5 traits of an amazing male sex toy

  1. You feel comfy with it. Not only does your penis feel great inside but the grip is tight and your hands don’t get tired.
  2. It should really possess decent cum sucking functionality. First of all the device will be cleaner and secondly – you’ll love that feel.
  3. A death grip is a big no-no! You don’t want to get either stuck or hurt in the process, do you?
  4. How can you really pound something that’s static? Motions of the device are essential for the overall process.
  5. And the last but not least – penis massage. The insides of a masturbator should feel like a real vagina, not a rubber substitution.

Bring on the heat! Let’s have a look at six bad boys (or bad girls in this case) that were designed exquisitely and specifically for male pleasure. Most of the devices listed are tested personally and heck, these are my favorite ones. All of them have the five traits of great masturbators and they are listed in a specific order where number one is the best of the best. That, however, does not mean the rest are less attractive or pleasant. It’s just that I simply enjoy some models more than others. Your feelings can (and probably will) set this list of preferences differently. Let the show begin!


1. Pipedream Extreme AKA Fuck Me Silly


Masturbator-review-of-the-Pipedream-Extreme-Fuck-Me-Silly This one’s big. Really big. You won’t probably have a chance to travel with it as the device is specifically set for domestic use. But, in all other aspects – that ass is perfect. 20 lbs of pure fun, joy and delight are at your disposal. The insides feel stunning as the combination of materials and textures feels like the real thing from A to Z. Pipedream wiggles, wobbles and bounces while being spanked. That’s a lot of fun I tell you. A lot of fun. If we are to compare the device to the real thing I’d grade it 8 or even 8.5 out of 10. The price tag on Amazon is around $200 but the pleasure is totally worth it.






2. Blewit!


blewit6-300x263 The device itself is somewhat new to the market. Masturbators have not yet faced serious competition. That’s about to change as Blewit! entered the game. A blazing hot Indiegogo campaign has already market the device’s spot under in the highlights. What’s the best part of the device? The No Slip grip without a question is insanely convenient. It’s even customizable enough to fit any hand. Inner silicone is both soft and firm making every stroke magical.







3. Fleshlight Ice


fleshlight-ice-closeup-300x270 Have you ever dreamed about dying from orgasms? If so – you’ve just stumbled upon a perfect assistant for that goal. Jerking off with the Fleshlight is insanely, remarkably pleasant. Medical silicone is used to make the insides of the toy, cum sucking is on point, a hard plastic case boosts convenience of use. All in all, there is only one minus – the price. $50 something is quite a lot given we are talking about tube-type devices.







4. Lilith Uterus


lilith-uterus3-300x232 Please welcome a toy from Japan that dominated western markets. The quality of this baby is simply out of this world. No stitches, no bumps, no nothing but pure pleasure. Yeah, the name sounds a bit awkward but so what? It’s not like you are going to introduce your new Japanese girlfriend to your parents. Materials: It’s not silicone but rather really soft TPE. The device uses no latex as well so if you are somewhat sensitive to those materials – rejoice, you now have an allergy-free vag. Bu the way, there is no casing on the Uterus. It’s more of a long, flexible tube with photographic familiarity to the real peach tree, if you know what I mean.




5. Fifi


getfifi1-300x180 Minimalistic, gentle, elegant – all of that can be easily said about Fifi. Yeah it’s not as amazing as some of the other listed devices in terms of feelings or materials but it are efficient, effective and budget-friendly. Fifi is a nice, affordable masturbator for beginners or those of you who are currently low on cash. So we have: pretty looks, convenient design, a firm grip and a low price tag. We don’t have: powerful emotions. Yeah, it doesn’t feel that bad but when you pound it – you just can’t forget you are holding a masturbator, not the real thing.




6. Tenga Flip Hole


tenga-flip-hole-black-8-300x177 Do note that this device should have been number one in the list. I just have a really awkward story related to it I won’t be telling you about at the moment. But that story left some marks and made my favorite toy a little bit less favorite. But that doesn’t mean the device is bad, I’m just stupid. But anyways, let’s continue. First and foremost the Flop Hole really stands out from the crowd. You can manually apply more pressure on the penis with your fingers during the process. While the feature seems silly you will get a hang of it in the process. The insides are medical silicone and the case is hard plastic with a hard grip and buttons you can push to make the experience truly remarkable.




A cock in comfort! Face it – you want a tight, warm, friendly pussy for one of your best friends in the whole wide world – your dick. Especially when your buddy is as hard as a rock and as fragile as glass. You don’t want to get squeezed too hard unless you prefer stuffing a crack with it. And that’s why your hand is incapable of real magic. Your hands are a choking death grip if compared to professional masturbators. I mean, yeah, you can have a quickie to ease some tension but it will be a physical need not an act of pleasure. Choking yourself down there isn’t fun at all. But is buying a masturbator the real solution? Let me tell you a sory to answer the question… The one about how I got acquainted with sex toys I’m just a dude, just like you. It’s really common for men to experiment with their bodies. Sure you’ve experienced the explosion of an entire universe when you first experienced the heat of an orgasm and that you can make it happen any time anywhere. But jerking off in the bathroom or under the blanked becomes boring in a couple of years. Same happened to me. As I was getting older I tended to find new ways of pleasing myself. And that’s when I got into my close relationship with sex toys. It’s funny to admit it today but I started with prostate massagers. Those are the little plugs people stick up their butt holes. It felt good. Really good! It’s not a gay thing to do as, frankly, while not having anything against gay people, I am simply not attracted to men. But cumming with a shoved up ass plug is really an out of this world experience. And you know what? That became average and then it got boring after a while. I needed something new, something different. That’s when my eyes caught a nice discount on a fake pussy from Fleshlight. So I thought to myself – why not? And I bought my very first masturbator. I didn’t know anything about male masturbators back in the day so I had no idea I’ve found one of the best products available in the market. Wow, it was awesome. And it still is. Apparently there is something about sticking your dick inside a real woman that’s superior to a hand after all. My body felt different. It was like having sex with my girlfriend but better because:

  • I was in complete control
  • I had no need to care if the partner is having as much fun as I was

Rubber cunts don’t have feelings and you don’t have to care about their pleasure. You are free to pound them in whatever way you feel necessary at the moment and that’s awesome. Do note that it’s not the same as sex with a live partner, but pocket tube masturbators are the closest one can get.

How to choose the best sex toy for your Major Junior?

I’ve already highlighted all of the traits a great vagina should possess. There is only one thing left worth mentioning – security. If you are to stick your dick into something you’d better make sure it’s safe. Some materials cause allergies or rashes. Some cheaper strokers can simply break in half mid process causing traumas. So please, by all means choose a proven brand with an established presence in the market and great reviews from clients. Of you can simply choose a handy device from the list above.